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Megan Joella


Heyyyyyy I'm Megan....and my middle name is Joella, but i can't say my last name, so thats wat i put on my profile....and i hav a youtube account: and i like to use txt talk (yeah lol) and i like to make people laugh cuz its FUN!! and lemme tell ya, im a H U G E fan of JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!! I cant even explain how much i luv him ] and im really insanely crazy.... (in a good!!!!) and im a model (yesh, its very FUNNNN and i like to act butttttttt i dont hav an agent mor focused on modeling) im a modest person!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont like to show off and if i cuss a lot, its not my problem cuz i get it from a lot of my friends!!! lol and i say like a lot (heyyy its my californian accent) and im really tall (im 5' 7") and i live in Los Angeles, CA!!!!! AND IM CHRISTIAN!!! yesh.....!!! and im a good girl!!!! ive never smoked, done drugs, had sex, or drank alcohol!!!!! yayayayayayayay and i dont tend to vandalize stuff unless its on halloween...(i only TP and egg occasionally!!!)