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Hi everybody its me ShreK MC Live at MC ShreK Online the place to be. So sit back and listen to me. Wile I tell ya how MC ShreK & Night-Tail Crue came to be. Once a long .. long .. Time ago in a far... faraway land. Man Bump that, C'mon, Here we go, C'mon Well it started up on Drury Lane I was enjoyin muffin when I made up the name It was simply true it was, da Night-Tail Crue. It was me, my DJ PinoccE-no-Play, and my boy better than the rest Donkey-Fresh. Backed up by da crue we are the best. I used to act and sing, make movies and things recuin prince for little kings, But anyway, no more delay Just check out the new style we display, but before you make way my DJ PinoccE-no-Play got sumtin to say Yo its me DJ PinoccE-no-Play I'm know for the sound effects I display The real boy entertainer No other title fits me plainer And I'm also known as the record scratchin trainer Cashing checks, make sound effects And after I'm finish rocking da mic, Donkey-Fresh is on next You know it cuz Im Donkey-Fresh I'll rock the best, you know what I'm sayin and when I 'm on the mic there wont be no delayin Bust a move, we show and prove Im bustin a rhyme wile my DJ no-Play bustin groove Excuse me Donkey-Fresh its MC ShreK and I got sumtin to stress Have you ever seen a show with fellows on the mic Wit one minute rhymes that don't come out right They bite, they're never right, that's not polite Am I lying No Im quite right But tonight on this very site you're about to hear We swear. The best crue of the year So cheerio, yo & bravo Also if you didn't know subscribe here or da YouTube page and we'll see ya next week with a new video, now sit-back relax an enjoy the show. *** Viewer Warning *** Warning viewing this site and not Subscribing has been directly linked to the confirmation of the fact that you having no Sense of humor, you're a boring person and generally suck at life. Subscribing to MC ShreK is the only known treatment for these symptoms. If choosing not to Subscribe. MC ShreK & da Night-Tail Crue Can in no way be held Responsible For the otherwise Irreparable Damage you have Done to you life. ***********************************************