maydaybros maydaybros


Warning, Warning, Do not Panic!!!!!! That pulsating sensation you feel deep inside, ooooh yes, that's just our radar beams picking up your appetite. What appetite you say!? Your unquenching hunger for Mayday Bros.!!! We were born from the Underbelly of Beats! Cool, Calculating, Astrobeats!!! Falling to earth anywhere from 1973 to 1977 from the heavens, we were found in our solarfleece throw blankets and nursed and raised by our animatronic momzoid and dadzoid in a mystic land called "Tomorrowland". On the day of our joint BeatsMitzvah at the local rollar skating rink, we skated through all sands of time and space and out of the rink, into the unknown future..... Our mayday destroy all humankind, then rebuild it with droids who resemble humankind but with mp3 players built into their heads, and then upload our greatest hits into their heads and set them free. The End....or is it?