Eisha G Eisha G

Eisha G


People who look like animals make me laugh. I'm laid back and once you break that shell, i am so LOUD! U can never miss me if i'm talking. I am tall (don't hate on us Paul Bunyan peeps) I like just about everything. I love trying new things (I'll try anything once) I think about the wierdest things possible (Why does gas smell good? and WHat is rubber cement? ). Stairs and I are not speaking right now..I fall down them alot.I can speak 2 languages (english and 1/2 French 1/2 Spanish) I have school spirit only when I really feel it (GO ILLINI). I like going to sporting events so u can yell anything u want (and support the team of course).I like to play games of any kind (card, board, sports). I hate talking on the phone. I love TETRIS and Hearts. I like wearing beads to a party. I love the feel of grass on bare feet. I like bees (although sometimes they dont like me). Little kids crack me up and i hate finding hair in my shower (usually it isnt mine). I like watching thunder storms. I forget everything (once i forgot when i was born) Birthdays aren't all that special to me. I give the best gifts (I make baskets usually) I want to learn to knit but never actually go through with it, I like finger socks. I love Jello. Mary J. Blige gets on my nerves. I miss Sisqo. I lie about knowing stuff i should know. I change phone numbers often. I once got my social security number stolen. I can't break pencils without feeling guilty. I like office supplies. I own 2 thesauruses and 3 dictionaries (in spanish, french and english). I love men with beards.