Matthew McPeck Matthew McPeck

Matthew McPeck

welcomes you! F**k Christmas!

A LITTLE BIT O' HISTORY: Matthew McPeck born c 1879 in Sicily, raised from Lyonnese to Land's End.. died in the City Where The Stars Get Lost and risen from the grave c 2007 with a desire to sail the seas and shake the booty. Troubadour for an audience of 1/2 for nearly ten lonely years, and before that lead vocalist of Beautiful Son, a late nineties independent pop band of modest success, in addition to other less imminent musical acts. Mr. McPeck, also a member of the production and songwriting duo Lawford & McPeck, is currently finishing a long gestating solo debut album with producers Stephen Lawford and Dan Marfisi and plans to not only film sound pictures to promote its singles, but will dare to frighten women and small children with his terrifying excuse for a live act, soon to be fleshed out by live musicians, costume and dance. More to come soon!