Matt  Danger Stares Matt Danger Stares

Matt Danger Stares

Using his mouth and body just like you and me.

Matt Danger Stares is a comedy writer/actor from Portland, OR. After working in music for the last 10 years, at 29, Matt has observed and speculated more people than he would care to admit and has listened to and lived tales of heartbreak through his misadventures both on and off the road. Matt is simultaneously releasing more albums and comedy videos while working to publish his first book, “Matt Danger’s How To Write an Extremely Successful Book/ 50 Get Rich Slow Schemes,” a collection of short satirical essays through the wholesome people at the Word Branch family. Matt now resides in a quiet landscape of Portland, OR and occasionally can be seen landing his personal dirigible at an undisclosed airfield with peculiar women during the equinoctial night. is divorced and has one child, his daughter Allora Lee Stares, age 4, and really enjoys a good batch of English muffins.