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Visions of silly things dance through my head.

Surreal, absurdist sketch comedy, influenced by The State, Kids in the Hall, Liquid Television, and too many hours in front of the TV. Maybe a David Lynch film or two. Influences Steve Martin, David Lynch, Tim Burton, The State, Monty Python, Tenacious D, The Kids in The Hall, The Muppets (and Jim Henson), Little Shop of Horrors, maybe Joe Dante, and any strange programming, children's or otherwise, that I may have exposed myself to as a small child. Similar To Good stuff. Things that are funny and good. Not real bad stuff like you're probably used to watching. Funnier than that. Better. More clever. Some examples might be The State, Kids in the Hall, and Gumby... No, not Gumby! Who do I mean... oh, that's right, Eraserhead. The Matlock is a charming (if not oddly disturbing, in a funny kind of way) down to earth guy with his head in the clouds and his shoulders smeared with frosted cream cheese. At least, that's what I think it is... City Santa Rosa Country United States Website

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