Matgervia Matgervia



I like to make people laugh, being funny in one way or another is always been a part of me. I find everything funny in some way. After 13 years of college 7 majors 4 minors I have yet to get a full degree in anything. I am now majoring in confusion; and minering in Sarcasm. I seem to have a natural I have A.D.D and A.D.A.D. and O.C.D. which gives me the unique ability to write backwards and understand the Language of dumb people, CLEARLY! I have an alter ego whos name I yet to know. I only know that he seems to drag me to star trek conventions and comic book shows. I find my self in many odd situations do to my alter ego I am beginning to think he is also my arch nemesis I will one day be a super hero, just with out the ability to fly or heat vision or cold breath, control of fire or ice or the ablity to read or move things with my mind. But I will have a cool hide out with a kicken suit and cape! Oh ya and a large screen TV. Villains beware!!