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This place is suddenly reminding me of myspace...where did everyone go. If it ai

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I like singing in my car. I can make anything a competition. I dont like woodpeckers or dumplings. I like to shoot guns. I like my men the way I like my coffee..full of booze! My favorite color is a three way tie between red black and green. I Love All Types Of Music...Accept this dance mix my dad picked up for me in India; my diverse taste in music was really tested with that one!! If you dont like Barry Bonds well thats just to bad for you now isnt it! I like to jump out and scare people and I like to challenge my coworkers to hallway races. I cant stand when people end their sentences in a preposition. Sleeping is WAY over rated!! I think at least 1 minute out of every hour of a work day should be allotted for silent dance offs. I love the sun. I am equally afraid of nothing and everything. I dont think I'll ever be able to quit coffee. If I could spend my life on vacation I would! And at the risk of sounding like a complete douch I'll tell you a secret...I Love Harry Potter. Oh God I said it!

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