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I Like Square Butts N I Can't Lie!

In One Sentence: Ask & You Shall Receive In Short I'm 24,Polish background, nationality of, well actually I'm a Mut, so that would be considered a great mixture of deliciousness to some! Wow! To think! Look at him! It's him! The Ultimate MUT! Like OH MY GOD! Look at him! So adorable! Hey There! I like your hair! Who does your hair? I wanna go there! Shhyah! ) I'm a big dork, goofball, don't judge me! Ha! You can't! Only big guns upstairs can! Tabloids? Really? Who did what? No way! That's totally hot! Call me eccentric, call me random, call me what you will, I know damn well who I am! Happy to be, who all I am, may not have much, but I don't lean on a crutch! Don't hand me a silver platter, nor gold or diamonds will do, the day my hands lay upon your lips, is the day I say " I know I'm in love with you". In the abyss of pure darkness, there may be no light at the end. You pursue to find a way in, stop for a moment & think...what if.. I can't escape my own mind? Am I truly lost? Running rampid in this chaos? Circling in the morbid silence of what is standing still? Perhaps. Chilling down your spine, as my lips hit the sweet red wine. I take a sip of the cool bitter-sweet taste, close my eyes & ravish every taste...To Be Continued. I love poetry, without a shred of a doubt, its my way of showing my every angle, maybe, just maybe every side there is surrounding every corner of my emotions, my loves, my hates, down to my past & present nature of what is. Hopeless romantic? Isn't that overly said & used? Change it up! Live it up! Hopeful Romantic at the least! Give yourself the creditability you deserve, cherish your inspirations, dont be a self-pitiless, oh feel sorry for me attitude,no. Gather those closest to you, your friends, your Real friends, then you'll know who stands out on top of all the rest. Every waking moment is piece of life you spend. How are you spending it? Watching tv? Listening to some new cd you bought on Itunes or at a store? You went shopping and spent all your hard earned money in a matter of an hour. Hell, I know I've done that plenty! No denying it! ) Outspoken? Yes! Optimistic & Realistic? Without Question I know this, I know I am. Live it up, Your Life, All you are, huge, big, mediocre, small, or down to the littlest of things. Life is to be Cherished. Thank you. -Marshall