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Listen, mister, you sit down at that table and laugh! There are people in China who haven't giggled in years!

If it's wry, witty, and amusing, you probably won't find it here. This is silly stuff for the politically challenged, the culturally insensitive, and the musically naïve; the rule-benders, the tee-totalers, the Norwegian-Americans, and those who need a strong detergent to tackle the grime, grease, and blood that make wash-day Monday a pain in the neck; the heroes and villains and everyone in between; the me's, the you's, the them's and the they's; and, of course, the copy editors, who are going to troll me for my alleged misuse of pluralizing apostrophes. If I can figure out how to do a bouncing ball over the lyrics of these songs, we can have a sing-along! They did that in the 1930s, sometimes called the Depression Aria because everyone was singing so much. All the time, these people sang. You couldn't stop them! Sing, sing, sing. They'd go to the movies and in between features they would show song lyrics and everyone in the whole theater would sing to the tunes played over the loudspeakers, singing together, as one, at a time when Americans put aside their differences and came together. As a nation! And you have a problem with that?! Seriously?! Then I got no use for you.Take a hike. Go on -- scoot, scoot, scoot! Shoo! Uh oh, they're going to cut me off. Hey, give me a little more space, dude! Because the one thing I really wanted to say, more than anything else (and this may even help you get a raise at work) is th [YOU HAVE EXCEEDED THE MAXIMUM LENGTH]