MarkGarrison MarkGarrison

Despite popular belief, there are no other human beings with his name. Those beer commercials about the most interesting man in the world were based on him. He does NOT do stand up comedy. Below is his bio. Mark Garrison is both a loving husband, a devoted father, and a steadfast rebel when it comes to the word "both." His work has appeared in Opium, The Phat Phree, Monkeybicycle, National Lampoon, Taj Mahal Review, and many more venues of various stature. He hopes to soon be a household name everywhere with the exception of Djibouti. What people are saying... "Texan Anarchy at its best!" - Dick Desert "Excuse me. Does anybody have any napkins?" - Matt Bennett "Fuck you. That was disgusting." - Balls "No one likes a fat pussy with herpes." - TLamp "I don’t get it either...I mean, I fucked a cat wit vaginal warts befo. Wadn’t nuttin funny bout dat." - Nougat " I’m almost certain its backed by Huggies...and Planters Peanuts." - Mandy "Yeah, that’s how I got breast cancer..." - Elyse Huntoon "...funny stuff you’ve got there..." - The Psycs