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If you liked Labyrinth or Dark Crystal, then join a world of puppets, monsters, and assorted oddities on a dark and vengeful quest to confront the mysterious Queen Lucia.

THE EYES OF QUEEN LUCIA is an independently produced episodic fantasy series chronicling the battles, loves, escapes, drama and otherwise general adventures of a lone Nutcracker on a dark and playful quest to retrieve her brother's eyes from the mysterious Queen Lucia. The series screens on a variety of different online platforms. 15 YouTube episodes under one minute each, 15 teasers on Vine, 45 mini episodes on Instagram, and trailers on all platforms including Twitter. All media have unique content, designed for specifically for each platform.  So prepare for the epic adventure that is The Eyes of Queen Lucia! A fast paced world populated by Nutcrackers, monsters and assorted oddities. All of which are painstakingly handcrafted characters seeking vengeance in an entirely handcrafted world that draws inspiration from such iconic films as: Labyrinth, Dark Crystal and The Muppet Movie.  The Eyes of Queen Lucia is produced by the team at MarieFilms. MarieFilms has produced several award winning short films and plays over the course of it's inception in 1993. Initially working in 16mm and having films premiere on the East Coast (winning 1st place in the Project Resolution FIlm Festival), MarieFilms moved to digital filmmaking in 1996 (several short films premiering on P.B.S. acclaimed series ScanLine) and thereafter began a collaboration with Blight Productions ( who now distributes The Eyes of Queen Lucia.