Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Hamilton Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hamilton

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hamilton

My name is Elizabeth Hamilton, but everyone calls me Lizzie. And I was born on the same day as Rick Perry. At the tender age of nine, much to the chagrin of my Yuppie Liberal Parents, I became a devout Right Wing Conservative ( RWC ). I have a sacred mission from God, to spread Rick Perry’s conservative agenda, and to convert the unconverted. I am single, over the age of consent and a real Texas beauty queen. I graduated from Texas A&M. I am bubbly, somewhat sexy, self-involved, spoiled, incorrectly self assured and opinionated. You cant help but like me. My goal is to be the spokes person / press secretary for Rick Perry’s Presidential campaign, and of course I am in love with him. I am what happens when you satirize political hysteria.