Ashley Norman Ashley Norman

Ashley Norman

Can't wait 'till the Houston Competition this weekend! R-E-B-E-L Yell!(: <3

I don't take myself or life too seriously, especially not myself. I live for the thrill of life and the excitement of acting stupid. I love getting in trouble because it's more stories to tell later on down the road and it's way more funnnn! I'm very friendly, sometimes too friendly. I'm currently single, but I have my eye on someone(who has no interest in me what so ever...) My sister, Andie Yancy, is absolutely amazing and I L <3 V E her to death because I can act myself around her without being judged(: She is the best thing since sliced bread! I'm a competitive cheerleader and dancer for Victory Cheer and Dance - Rebel Yell <3 (6 years counting this season) and I coach there as well(: It is my passion and love of my life, I think of nothing else.