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Why am I here, to entertain? Yes. To make FunnyorDie members laugh? Hell yes! Am I going to become rich and famous doing it? Oh F@#K yea!...I mean, no. Yea, I think that covers the question and answer session with myself. So I want to make everyone laugh and attempt to have some good clean fun. You may realize that I do a lot of my videos alone or with my twin brother. That sucks! But, when you have grown to be a man (I will let you know when I get there) and you have responsibilities in life, you don't get the kind of free time that you had when you were young, dumb and full of cu...um, cucumbers(cucumbers? Really?). So, you make the best with what you have. Of course as you can see from my 100k in subscribers I am the best at what I do! Enter, watch and...enjoy? Please rate, comment and subscribe. OneLordCrom@gmail.com Follow me on TWITTER!