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dont take life too seriously, no1 gets out alive anyway

im a blond(obviously) im quite loquacious(talkative) so post a comment B*TCHES! lol i have a horse which i ride and do show jumping with and i absolutely LOVE rock like aiden, bullet 4 my valentine, atreyu, alexis on fire....oh yeah! and my name is ALEXIS but u can call me alex lex lexi or just alexis. i used 2 play lacrosse and softball but i kept getting in2 trouble wit school n sh*t like that so my rents (who by the way r as gay as aids!) have decided 2 homeschool me! woo-frikkin-hoo! PSYCH! it sux ass! lol... leave me a comment or get off m profile ... layta ! AND I L-UH-HUV 36 CRAZY FISTS!!! *~ALEXIS~*