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Lori describes this channel as: "Randomness in areas ranging from loved ones to ingenuity birthed from boredom." Lori is a quick learner & doesn't mind being involved in all aspects required, whether behind the scenes or on the frontlines. Infecting the media in a positive fashion in any and all aspects possible is her goal. She has varied credits in film, television, theatre, & music. Please view Lori's IMDb.com profile for her complete resume, credits & photos. Lori on IMDb.com http//www.imdb.com/name/nm2744950 Lori's Photography Company http//www.facebook.com/pages/Dancing-Tavern-Photography/178662038818977 Lori on YouTube http//www.youtube.com/LModel2000 Lori on Twitter http//www.twitter.com/Lo_Geo Lori on MySpace http//www.myspace.com/lori_george Lori on Vimeo http//www.vimeo.com/lorigeorge