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Laughter is the best Medicine

Lj Ugarte was born January 6th, 1981 in Brooklyn, New York. Captivated by the Arts from the early age of five, Lj began singing, taking dance and acting classes. His skill and talent developed over the years fueled by taking ballet. During his admittance into the Ballet Hispanico Dance Company, he was able to master the arts even more, enjoying every moment. He embraced every opportunity to develop and diversify his love for arts within the entertainment field. This was a wonderful time for Lj. His family later moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. In 1997 Lj attended Palm Beach Lakes High school where he vigorously continued to study Acting. He excelled as an Actor both on stage and in front of the Camera using Sanford Meisner’s master technique. In addition he continued his study of dance and in his senor year he had the chance to perform for the Florida Stage company in the production of “Gun play”. LJ later attended Keiser college in the study of computer graphic designing and imaging, between college he was working on starting his music career as a vocalist and songwriter following college he began concentrating on his skills performing professionally at large venues with local artists at various nightclubs throughout the United States and Canada. He is currently in the process of writing and producing his own music with an eye toward much success within the mainstream of the Music industry. With his 90’s and millennium R&B moves and his braided hair vibe, LJ Ugarte's debut single, wore its old school on its sleeve. In the course of two singles, LJ has vaulted from wanting to re-create the mood of vintage soul to wanting to make his own combination of Maxwell and Eric Benet These two singles mark the return of the retro-soul movement that began taking shape several years ago. LJ is aiming to return soul to a headier, more opulent era. Some new Hip Hop and R&B artist revel in a sometimes brazen, sometimes vulgar fusion of hip-hop and old-school-soul pleading. LJ aspires to bring more candlelight, positivity, and sonic luxuriousness to modern R&B. I Believe In Love and Gambling Girl makes good on those intentions. LJ places his songs and malleable croon on a plush bed of lightly pulsating beats, wah-wah guitars, and caressing keyboards. A string section adds sensual accents; Latin inflections, like congas and the hint of salsa-fied horns, dart in and out. That said, you barely notice individual players. What LJ has created is the sound of a large, muted soul orchestra, with the singer's buttery, falsetto-leaning throat serving as just another instrument. A sensitive, New Age soul man, LJ wants to make music for the bedroom and brain. He keeps his voice at a simmer; there's probably never been a more unassuming R&B singer. You can judge for yourself. You can check LJ out on his reverbnation page and listen to his music. You can also keep up with his budding film career on Imdb.com. LJ is one to watch.