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Published December 06, 2013

VAGiPEDIA - Part I - at

Straits Of Vagellan [STREYTS-UHV-VUH-JEL-UHN] A channel like vagina (stretched out from overuse) separating South America from Tierra del Sol and connecting the Atlantic and Pacific. Vagabond [VAG-UH-BOND] A vagina that never wants to settle down. Vagamuffin [VAG-UH-MUHF-IN] A dirty, shabby vagina. Vaganaise [VAJ-UH-NEYZ, VAJ-UH-NEYZ] Yeast infection that's used on sandwiches. Vagazine [VAG-UH-ZEEN, VAG-UH-ZEEN] A periodical about vaginas. Vagdalena [VAG-DUH-LEY-NUH] A red river in southwest Colombia, flowing north to the Caribbean. 1060 miles long. Vagdeburg [VAG-DUH-BURG] A city of central Germany on the Elbe river south west of berlin. Population 270,546 vaginas. Vageant [VAJ-UHNT] A elaborate public spectacle or celebration for vaginas. Vagedictorian [VAJ-I-DIK-TAWR-EE-UHN] A vagina that's at the head of her class, or one who's in love with a victorian dick. Vagellan [VUH-JEL-UHN] A Portuguese navigator (i.e., gynecologist). Vagenta [VAH-JEN-TUH] A purplish vagina. Vagetarian [VAJ-I-TAIR-EE-UHN] A celibate vagina. Vagnanimous [VAG-NAN-UH-MUHS] A generous, noble and forgiving vagina. Vagnesia [VAG-NEE-ZHUH] A forgetful vagina or one that has a powdery substance coming out of it. Vagnet [VAG-NIT] A vagina that's surrounded by a magnetic field and attracts metal objects. Vagnificent [VAG-NIF-UH-SUHNT] A vagina that's splendid in appearance. Vagnify [VAG-NUH-FAHY] A vagina that appears larger than it should. Vagnolia [VAG-NOHL-YUH,VAG-NOH-LEE-UH] A vagina sporting large purple flowers. Vagnum [VAG-NUHM] A vagina that can hold approximately 2/5 of a gallon of liquid (i.e., shooter). Vagon [VAG-UHN] A 4 wheeled cart used for the sole purpose of carrying vaginas. Vagoon [VUH-GOON] A shallow vagina (i.e., one that won't go for small penises). Vagoshima [VAG-OH-SHEE-MUH, VAG-OH-SHU-MUH] A port city of South Kyushu, Japan, 539,911 vaginas. Their main source of income is fishing (crabs & clams).

VAGiPEDIA - Part II - at

Vagpie [VAG-PAHY] A vagina that chatters constantly. Vagpipe [VAG-PAHYP] A vagina that whistles Irish music. Vaggard [VAG-ERD] A worn out vagina. Vagged [VAG-ID] A vagina with sharp edges. Vaggle [VAG-UHL] A flock of vaginas. Vaggling [VAG-LING] A vagina that moves or waves with short quick motions. Vaggling [VAG-GLING] Argumentative vaginas. Vaggot [VAG-UHT] STD related larvae. Vagician [VUH-JISH-UHN] A vagina that plays tricks on men (i.e., disappears, bites, pulls out long strings of handkerchiefs, etc.). Vagilante [VAJ-UH-LAN-TEE] A vagina who is a member of a group of volunteers who, without authority assumes law enforcement powers. Vagination [VAJ-UH-NEY-SHUN] A system in which vaginas are numbered. Vagistrate [VAJ-UH-SRTEYT, -STRIT] A vagina with authority. Vagittarius [VAJ-I-TAIR-EE-UHS] A vagina that was born late November through mid-December. Vagna Carta [VAG-NUH-KAHR-TUH] The charter of English political and civil liberties granted by king Vajohn in the Queen's vagina. Vagrant [VEY-GRUHNT] A homeless vagina, or one with a strong smell. Vagtag [VAG-TAG] A diverse and disorderly vagina. Vagtime [VAG-TAHYM] Syncopated melody played against a steadily accented vaginal accompaniment. Vaguar [VAG-WAHR, VAG-YOO-AHR; ESPECIALLY BRIT. VAG-YOO-ER] A vagina sporting leopard print. Vagweed [VAG-WEED] Vaginas who's abundant pollen causes hay fever.   ©To The Streams LLC 2012