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(what kids will tell you) & (under rated movies)
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Published June 02, 2011

what the kids will tell you.

I don't want your life you loser.

what ever I do what i want!

Why the hell would I care about anything.

there is no god.

Your not my real Dad!

I hope you die and go to hell you baster. (the wife will tell you that to)

Why would i need to work because man am going to make it big.

Like dude we allways party down & Shit.

Yeah like am bad ass at just about everything you know.

911 was a inside job. 

when we go to the show dude and am geting ALL! fuckerd up!!

what up brodangiz wezz going to bang out them Bi chicks tonight or what yo?

its beer 30

yo dogz check out my web sears its dank.

why go to the bar for a booty call when you can just do it on facebook.

what up pimpin?

under rated movie series

#1 Revenge of the nerds (all 4 where classic!)

#2 Crocodile Dundee (all 4 hold up nice thanks to Paul Hogan)

#3 Weekend at Bernie's (i liked #2 better myself)

#4 Major League (all 3 where good but back to the minors was my fav)

#5 Bill and Ted (#2  bogus journey was even better the the first one)

#6 Young guns ( not that under rated but good flicks)

#7 Firday the 13th (I have seen all 13 of them)

#8  Polive academy ( all 7 of them where funny as shit)

#9 Naked Gun (i know O.J is a killer but he killed it in all 4 Naked gun movies)

#10 The Brady Bunch Movies (i'LL say it. they where funny)