Let’s face it: We all want to have sex with celebrities all the time. It’s just a fact of life. But did you know that your celebrity crush says a lot about what type of person you are attracted to? Find your celebrity crush from the list below and learn something new about yourself!

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If your celebrity crush is... Emma Stone

emma stone.jpgYou are super into banging hot chicks.

Ryan Gosling

ryan gosling.jpg

You are drawn to strong, quiet types who communicate with their eyes rather than with their words. You were super into banging hot chicks one night at that frat party in college but that was just a phase and you are no longer into experimenting with banging hot chicks.


Jennifer Aniston

jennifer aniston.jpgYou are super into banging hot chicks.

Robert Pattinson

robert pattinson.jpgYou are either a 12-year-old girl or a 48-year-old overweight mom that is super into eating Nutella straight from the jar while watching Twilight. You are not super into banging hot chicks, but you are very alone and would consider banging hot chicks if you were allowed to eat Nutella and watch Twilight while doing so.

Courtney Love

courtney love.jpgYou are super into banging anyone because you have a sex addiction.

Cookie Monster

cookie monster.jpgYou are super into banging hot cookies that just came out of the oven.

Justin Bieber

bieber.jpgYou are super into banging hot chicks.