People were on drugs when they named these.
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Published: February 24, 2013

Mountain Holler


Dear LORD.


Mountain Shoutin'


Nice try, but that doesn't even rhyme!   Say it out loud, "Mountain.  Shoutin'."  That sounds worse than a Russian woman during a home birth. 

Mountain Lion


You know that vicious animal the moutain lion?  Such a BITCHIN' animal.  Let's make a citrus soda and name it in his honor.

Spritz Up


Spritz Up?  I'm no scientist but I think they just combined Sprite and 7-Up.  Ahhhh, you guys!  Thought you could pull a fast one on us?!

Dr. Bob


Who in God's name is Bob?  I want to find out which institution this gent received his doctorate from.   

Dr. Perky


Okay that's definitely the name of a character in a really bad, hospital-themed porno.  "Dr. Perky slams hot red-headed teen to cure her leukemia." 

Actually, it sounds like it could be the official soft drink of perverts.  You can grow a mustache and sudden urge to publicly play with yourself from just one sip. 

Mr. Aahh!


I shit you not, this is an actual product.  That fact that this hooligan dropped out of high school makes him even less respectable.      


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