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The Hitchhiker's Guide ( A new reality T.V. show about Hitchhiking the world. ) 

Anything Goes ( Three anarchist strippers seeking thrills of any and all kinds are on the run back in 1969 stripping from town to town. As the authorities chase them down, the stripper cons terrorize and kill anyone who gets in their way of having good times and lots of other bad things. An are 3 bad girls are Hana Kimiko ( Lisa Maley ) "The Brains", Dani Wright ( Tatiana Mosley ) "The wild card" and Serena Mays ( Christina Notto ) "The Muscle" live by no rules  because they will do whatever the Hell they want ! Rated T.V. MA ) 

N.W.A. Pro Wrestling on T.B.S. and T.N.T. come on ! 

A all Vegan Fast Food Chain called Beaners. 

Barb Wire the video game based off the comic book series. 

An then

Going Commando ( A new porn movie that takes place in the middle war, where american soldier bang out hot lady terrorist in this hardcore porn move. ) 

Underworld the animated T.V. series. 

Backyard Dogs 2: Tag Team Edition 3D ( Long time independent pro wrestling tag team Cole Davis ( Scott Hamm ) & Lee Takura ( Walter Jones ) have just reunited an are starting a tag team up with their new to pro wrestling hot as Hell young new manager Scarlet Rose ( Elena House ) they become a tag team called "The Backyard Dogs". They are aspire to win the N.W.A. Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championships and they also want a chance to appear on the new World Wide T.V. Show N.W.A. Ringside before it's to it's too late. ) 

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