A Love Letter to Pro Wrestling ( Rated R )

Dave KoCo ( Nicolas Wright ) a small-time independent pro wrestling owner \ promoter of the infinity Pro Wrestling company. An man child with a wife and 3 kids 1 girl two boys ( oldest 13 year old Becky KoCo ) ( 9 year old son Cody KoCo ) ( An 2 year Leo Koco ) takes advantage of some fortuitous circumstances after hitting the power ball for $169 million. As he tries to become a big-time player as a wrestling promoter for the infinity Pro Wrestling inc. Promoting the infinity world of professional wrestling at the expense of all of his power ball winnings and more important having a life outside of booking with his family and friends , Dave KoCo takes a stand and defends what he thinks is right for main stream Pro Wrestling.  Standing up against the Gamblers, mobsters, unscrupulous wrestlers, other money-grubbing promoters, and fixers that conspire to corrupt the industry he love so deeply , but Dave KoCo tries to make the game as honest and fair as it is his idealized vision for the i.P.W.. Frank's efforts climax as he promotes an over-the-hill champion King Kong Bundy ( himself ) in the final matches of his career and if this title runs fails so does the i.P.W.. This is an interesting tale of blind ambition, self-deception, broken dreams, and how a man who always thinks he's ahead of the game ends up tripping himself very badly but in the end comes out on top of the world baby ! Thanks to the help of King Kong Bundy an Amy Lee Koco his wife who quit her job as a 3rd grade school teacher to stayed by his side with the kids as a house wife \ i.P.W. security in this dream of making the i.P.W. a world wide viral thing for years to come. Happy endings all around ! because where cumming !  ) 

Pro Wrestling money making ideas.

W.W.E. Main Event on E!  ( Divas matches !  ) 

The T.N.A. KO's become the cover girls for the zima beer ads , dispensing zima in the U.S.A. again for the first time in years dispensing zima in the states

A discovery channel documentary about a day in the Life of a T.N.A. pro wrestler and each KO and male superstar on the roster get their own episode , so you know the series can last for a long time. 

Seasons 2 the shows Off the Hook and the show No Limits with your host EY Eric Young should happen. 

W.W.E. Shotgun Saturday Night Rated TV 14 new W.W.E. network show and the all new W.W.E. Sunday Night Heat on the W.W.E. Network for only $9.99 a month  sucka ! 

N.X.T. Vs . W.W.E. i.P.P.V. on the W.W.E. network. 

R.O.H. Future of Honor Live on P.P.V. 

R.O.H. Dojo the Reality series. 

N.W.A. Clash of the Champions 2015 live on P.P.V. and i.P.P.V. 

N.W.A. Power Hour on TruTV. 

indpendent Wrestling Network ( iWN ) as a new online network dedicated to independent professional Wrestling , Showcasing the best best independent companies in the world.  

Kurt Angle doing V8 ads. 

The T.N.A. wrestlers doing power bar ads. 

Austin Aries because The Clif Bar by using his greatest man how ever lived stick for the ads. 

Kurt Angle becomes the poster boy for ASiCS Rulon Grdner Wrestling shoes. 

HighSports.com ads on T.N.A. impact and the T.N.A. web page. 

Ryback doing Hungry Man Dinner ads. 

N.W.A. wrestlers should do endorsement place on the mat in the ring , on the ring skirt and on the fence around the ring for an all new live streaming N.W.A. weekly 3 hour long web show on Youtube called N.W.A. Live Feed. Where only the very best of the best in the N.W.A. come to do their thing on the flag ship show of the N.W.A. The all new world wide web show N.W.A. Live Feed doing a weekly but sporadic on the days and time because the N.W.A. Live Wire web show , travels all over the world doing shows for the different N.W.A. pro wrestling territories each week live stream a feed and since it's on Youtube you can watch any and all episodes of N.W.A. Live Feed for free on the The N.W.A. Wrestling Youtube Channel ( They might not watch live in big numbers but a whole hell of a lot of people for all over the world will match when they have the free time. So the days and time slots don't really make no never mind at all with this new weekly web show.)  www. NWAringside.com for all things NWA !  ( An Heel AOL , YAHOO , Bing , or any of the rest if you where smart you would buy into the N.W.A. and carry the N.W.A. by doing web shows with the N.W.A. and all that good stuff the goes with it in the teaming up a. 

A all new Title Match Pro Wrestling video game made by Activsion using the T.N.A. and no this game you can unlock all the old original Title Match wrestlers for the old game. SO am saying a new T.N.A. Title Match Pro Wrestling video game made by Activision for PS4 , XBO1 and PC. 

( More crap later one um k dogs. ) 


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