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G.F.W. on TV

Top 3 broadcasting companies the would be a good home for G.F.W. pro wrestling. 
#3. G.F.W. and Disney 
#2. G.F.W. and Viacom 
#1. G.F.W. and Turner Broadcasting

Side-Note: Online Top3 
#3.G.F.W. on AOL
#2. G.F.W. on YAHOO
#1. G.F.W.  on Bing 

( Hell if where you Double J i would just go to Bing an ask about doing a show for them. ) 


Black Diamond Wrestling should put on it's biggest event ever at the YMCA St. John Arena in Steubenville O.H. for a iPPV event. 

independent shows should do more live stream of events on Youtube and such places for the eye balls and chatter. 

R.O.H. should do a Future of Horror P.P.V. 

The Lions Den match and The Triple Cage should make a come back in the W.W.E. 

House of Hardcore Pro Wrestling on Fusion. 

Big Show should bring back the The Claw as a finisher move. 

W.C.W. One Night Only W.W.E. Network i.P.P.V. 

New Japan the video game. 

New Japan on Spike T.V. in the old T.N.A. time slot. 

Activision make a new title match pro wrestling video game using the NWA brand. 

The NWA needs to make the US tag team titles big time again. 

The NWA should push the women's division a little more making that title worth more you dig. 

Kenny Dykstra Vs Ali Shabazz for NWA SAW Title  baby ! On the T.V. 

NWA Legends match : Goldberg Vs Ultimo Dragon 

( More crap later on games on don't have time for this shit ! ) 


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