running my mouth a film and TV

Am telling you a Barb Wire & Ghost crossover movie that is rated R with some nakedness in it will be smash hit so lets make happen. An am going to keep bring it up until it's made so make the f*cking movie or t.v. series of Barb Wire and Ghost ASAP  you rich mother f*ckers ! 

You know what am thinking am thinking Podcast show , like the old days when t.v shows where on the radio.  

A.B.C. radio net called today but i missed the damn call but whatever you wanted A.B.C. radio net go for it and use it and if you want to talk just call me back because am an open book. 

W.C.W. makes a come back on T.N.T. and T.B.S. Nirto on T.N.T. Thunder and W.C.W. Saturday Night on T.B.S. as a different branch of the W.W.E.  
( Never going to happen but it sure would be nice a. )

The U.P.N. network should make a come back and so should G4. 

Less " Reality T.V. " and more actual show would be nice ! . 

Should have never taking that show Rake off the air FOX ! 

Rantings don't mean shit anymore because most people watch on their shows online so stop axing shows so fast. 

You know what is stupid we can show violence and show crimes but we can't say bad words or show naked bodies , now that is just stupid and it should be the other way around for sure ! 

Star Trek: Voyager: The Next Generation ( an all new Star Trek show lets make it so. ) 

other random BS

Ultimo Dragon Vs Tigre Uno in single match to kick off a T.N.A. One Night Only Old School P.P.V. would be sick ! 

After years of being high be sober is like a high of it's own my friends , so keep it clean mates. 

You know you wife is a freak when she lets you f*ck her butt when she is having her PMS time. 

being a stand up comic is a gateway to becoming a drunk and or a bad actor. 

Atheist are just agnostic Scientologist.  

Atheist are going to pissed when they end up Hell ( Jesus saves my friends or whatever God Head you into saves my peeps.  ) 

You know what i like , a good tune on radio , with a fat blunt in one hand and a 40oz in the other hand , with a good looking lady in my lap , just kicking together on a hot summer after noon day you dig home slice. 

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