Pittsburgh Sports

The Pittsburgh Riverhounds should become the next M.L.S. team and they should play their games from Hines filed. 

Pittsburgh Pirates in the World Series in 2015. 

Pens get #68 Jaromir Jager his last year in the the N.H.L. will the 2015-2016 season with the Pitt Pens , Pens win the cup for the 4th time. 

The Pittsburgh Condors become an N.B.A. team in 2017-2018 and play their games for the Consol Energy Center. 

Ben Roethlisberger will never win another super bowl but the Steeler will play above 500% Football and make the playoffs for the these years. 

The N.B.A. in Pittsburgh works. 

The M.S.L. in Pittsburgh works. 

N.N.L. in Pittsburgh works. 

N.W.A. Pittsburgh Pro Wrestling becomes the top N.W.A. Territory in all the world. 

The City of Pittsburgh Grows because of new major league sports in the area , unemployment down. 

Pittsburgh = Women Pro Sports 

AOL sports ( or yahoo or funny or die or any other page that runs sports shows online )

USL & AOL should make a deal together in the live streaming of USL pro soccer games. 

Major Arena Soccer League on AOL sports. 

Pro indoor foot league on AOL sports. 

Harlem Globetrotters on AOL sports. 

National Women's Soccer League on AOL sports. 

N.W.A. Pro Wrestling on AOL sports. 


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