Random Stuff on my Mind.

Someone should hook me up with that Amanda Bynes because she is my kind of lady };-{ )

So if you are what you eat am a fruity pussy vegetable. 

Lorna is my Orange is the new Black prison wife. An i would never cheat on the sexy sweet lady if they would type cast me into the show. 

Man i f*cking Love pro wrestling ! 

Smoking weed slows down the brain and drinking speeds up the brain and both are bad things but when you but them together you black out easy. Tested this meany of a time and seems to work. #DoNotDoDrugs

Look people if you are going to keep making the same movies over and over again year after year like say a Fast and the Furious or any movie that keeps getting made needs to just become a f*cking T.V. already. Fresh ideas needed Hollywood ! 

Man i miss Duckman now that was a good adult cartoon. 

Good d*mn it sucks being unemployed and living with your parents in my late 20's. Never going to get any pussy living like this and i can't buy any week living like this so FML ! 

You know what i like i like older women , younger women , women my own age , just flat out love women ! Real full grown Women ! 

With the way i live the only thing keeping me alive is my vegan diet. 

Hell i have more hair on my ass than i do my head these days hiyo !

i might not last long in the sack ladies but i do beat off at least 3 times a day so just give me a 5 minute brake and i'll be back for more. 

That T.V. Rake should make a come back on FX if you ask me FOX. 

Look people it doesn't matter where your from , what you look like , what sex you are , what sexual orientation you are , what religion you are or are not , or how much money you have or don't have you dig ! Because where all in this together forever no matter what so lets start acting like and lets all care for one another living in love because there is no need for hate a all what so ever. 

A good old dirty joke

A man offers a woman 100 dollars for sex.

He tells her "Excuse me miss, I will pay you 100 dollars if you have sex with me."

The woman quickly responds saying "I won't have sex with you for so little money. My boyfriend would be furious!"

The man then changes his offer "Okay how about this? I will drop the 100 dollars onto the floor. I can do whatever I want with you until you pick up 100 dollars. That seem fair?"

The girl says "Let me call my boyfriend and see what he thinks." The girl calls her boyfriend and tells her the deal he says "Yeah just pick it up, he won't even be able to get your pants off. Call me once you have it."

The girl friend hangs up and agrees to the mans offer.

The boyfriend waits patiently at his phone for 15 minutes, then 30, then 40 and his girlfriend hasn't called him back.

He calls his girlfriend and hears heavy breathing and yells "Why haven't you picked up the money yet?!"

The girlfriend exclaims "He had it in quarters!


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