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Major League 4: Back to Majors ( The bitch owner  Rachel Phelps ( Margaret Whitton ) is back as the owner of the Cleveland Indians and she is giving these old washed of farts  ( from major league 1 , 2 , & 3 ) one last shot in the dark at winning it all. Because once again if Cleveland is the worst team in the M.L.B. their moving the team to Las Vegas. An so Jake Taylor ( Tom Berenger ) his hired on to be the GM for the Indians and Leonard Huff ( Ted McGinley ) becomes the new skipper of Indians with Eddie Harris ( Chelcie Ross ) as pitching coach , Roger Dorn ( Corbin Bernsen ) as the hitting coach , Bench Coach Frank Pops Morgan ( Thorn Barry ) and as for the team washed up older players like Rick Vaughn ( Charlie Sheen ) , Willie Mays Hays ( Wesley Snipes ) , Pedro Cerrano ( Dennis Haysbert ) , Taka Tanaka ( Takaaki Ishibashi ) , Rube Baker ( Eric Bruskotter ) , ( an or whoever from the old movies you want to put on the team ) they will mix the young rookies on the Indians. You can see what am doing here so have at it big dogs. ) 

Bill and Ted 3 ( Look the script is already done so get f in green light this movie for the love of God man ! The Band is still on the road playing crappy gigs because the hit song they made them big ( or should i say will make them big ) wasn't wrote by The Wyld Syallyns so Bill and Ted the princesses are play dive bar gigs and sh*t like that. An thier all thinking about being done with this band. An so then they have to deal with their future and past Wyld Syallyns as them in the now they try to make a new hit song that will change the future for the better and all that kind of stuff is what i can tell you about the script with out tell you the whole story. Yes this one is more of a dark comedy at a more of a an adult level you dig. Rated R. NOW GREEN LiGHT NOW ! Because i said so ! An trust me this is the best one by a long shot ! ) 

Barb Wire & Ghost ( A live action rated R movie based off the cross over issues of the comic books. ) 

C.U.H.D. 3: The Hybrids in 3D ( So a new Government experiment to create a race of super-warriors using alien DNA of the homeless go awry, and legions of murderous zombies are unleased upon a surburan neighborhoods of N.Y.C. An so when a rash of bizarre murders happen in New York City that seem to point to a group of grotesquely deformed vagrants living in abandoned buildings in and around the city. A courageous pro wrestler Jake Marx gets talk into this crap by his sexy news journalist girlfriend Jayme Weeden and Natalie Page a nutty bum, who seems to know a lot about the creatures, band together to try and determine what the creatures are and how to stop them. ) 

Thundercats 3D ( live action Style. Rated P.G. 13. ) 

Xena: The Princess Warrior 3D ( A all new Xena movie that is Rated R with an all new cast made by all new people and this one gets real dark with a lot more sex and blood and guts and bad word and such a. Starring ( Katarina Waters ) as the new Xena and as ( Brittany Snow ) Gabrielle in this movie. An their will be an all new villain that is linked to Xena's past. An he is Jacob Paul ( Adam Copeland ) he was Xena's first love and her trainer and he is a ex Knight who turned bad guy who is trying to take over the kingdom so Xena and Gabrielle are sent on a mission by the King and Queen to stop this mad man and his defectors before it's to late. An try to put in some good back stories in this so the movie doesn't totally suck so show some balls and go all out and deep you dig. The Movement against the kingdom is on so Xena must put her heart aside an fight the good fight for the people. You know Xena stuff. Rated R. ) 

A Confederacy of Dunces ( A new movies based off the John Kennedy Toole book starring me as ignatius J. Reilly ) 

Dredd 2 in 3D ( Just pick up where the last movie left off at and just do what the comic series says and their you go. ) 

The Curse of Lono
  ( This is a book by Hunter S. Thompson describing his experiences in Hawaii in 1980. Originally published in 1983, the book was only in print for a short while. In 2005 it was re-released as a limited edition. Only 1000 copies were produced, each one being signed by the author and artist Ralph Steadman. Due to Steadman's popularity the book contained a large number of his drawings and paintings. The book is now available as a smaller hardcover edition.Hunter S. Thompson receives a letter from the editor of Running magazine, asking him to cover the 1980 Honolulu Marathon, which the editor says should be "a good chance for a vacation". Hunter asks the illustrator Ralph Steadman to accompany him. On the flight over, he meets a man named Ackerman, who seems to have connections to the drug trade in Hawaii. Hunter covers the marathon with his characteristic gonzo style, weaving his own experiences into the coverage of the story. After the marathon, Hunter, Ralph and Ralph's family move to a rented beach side "compound" on Hawaii's Kona coast. The weather is miserable and they are trapped indoors, besieged by huge waves. Ralph and his family, upset about the terrible conditions of their vacation, return to England. Later, Hunter reunites with Ackerman to go fishing. Hunter eventually catches a huge Marlin, which he beats to death with a Samoan war club. The fishing boat returns to the dock, with Hunter screaming triumphantly, "I am Lono!", referring to the ancient Hawaiian god. After this, Hunter ends his story in the City of Refuge, hiding from those he upset with his antics at the docks. The story frequently breaks away to excerpts from The Last Voyage of Captain James Cook, which tells the story of the man the native Hawaiians thought was the reincarnation of Lono and was eventually killed by them when he overstayed his welcome on the island of Hawaii. An their you go new movie. ) 

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