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Not So Super Hero ( Born Jacob Paul on Dec. 16. 1985 at 4:20 p.m to Mrs. Marry Paul & Mr. James Paul who where good and are good parents to Jacob Paul in his life. But here is the thing Jacob Paul is a straight up 30 years old burn out hipster dude these days that is professional solo artist that plays techno music for a so called living traveling the world doing up his things a the single guy he is you dig. But here is the thing his parents DNA genetics have giving him the super powers of super healing not only for himself but he can also heal other by his touch making him a superhero basically. But his not at all into being a "hero" because he ain't no hero because his just a dude like lives to party bros ! But trouble always seem to find him no matter where he goes or what his doing in life. Which in turn makes him turn on super powers  becoming what the people have nicknamed him Captain Health and well this is a action packed Syfy Comedy about the adventures of the one and only Captain Health himself Jacob Paul ! Rated T.V. 14 ) 

Thy Kingdom Come ( The Legendary Kingdom of  The legendary Kingdom of Labatt ( back in the B.C. times date started and died unknown but it was located on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls ) and it is ruled by the good heated King Woodrow Labatt a 3rd generation Labatt and his woman the Queen Bethany Jameson Labatt for the peasant Jameson Famly. Their daughter, Leah Labatt, is engaged to peasant Edward Molson who has been knighted by the king and queen for his warrior ways, An well Edward Molson becomes Labatt's general in the war against the neighboring kingdom ( the now a days U.S.A. side of Niagara Falls )  thy kingdom of Atari a kingdom ruled by evil King Chipper Atari thy 2nd generation king and the evil Queen Jayme Lee Atari 1st generation princes from the Lee Kingdom ( in what we now call Tokyo Japan ) and there soldiers are lead by their son the evil one Prince Drake Atari  who will hold nothing back with the help of his servant Mark Moon as his right hand man. An Mark Moon he is the strongest man in the land who is forever being hindered by his ne'er-do-well playboy older brother israel Moon the musician . An in the mix of all of this is a variety of wizards and witches, both good and evil, that have played their part in the conflict. A black comedy full of  pop culture that tell the tail of thy ancient times. ) 

N.W.A Ringside ( N.W.A. pro wrestling Live on Saturday nights from 7pm - 9pm ET where only the very best in the N.W.A. come to play a.  So yeah it's a P.P.V. level show every single week ! ) 

True Story (  Each week their is a reenactment of a well known true event funny story and yes a new funny story each week in a half hour time slot. ) 

Foreigner (  A  washed up fitness model from the U.K named Katarina Green has moved to LA to work full time as the manager at Gym Rats a all new gym in Hollywood. An the own of the Gym Rats is named Peter Waters and his also a single washed up fitness model and well these two awkwardly try to run this new gym together at the same time when their trying to start up a romantic relationship together out her in LA. An yes their both new to the LA area because old Peter Waters is from Pittsburgh PA. An yes their will be cameos each week by famous actors living out in LA. Because yes it's ture Kitty wants to know what love is and Peter has been waiting for a girl like Kitty. ( you get it foreigner songs )  An yes this show will be made by the Funny or Die peeps. Rated T.V 14.  Now that a a comedy fit for the T.V. Keep it cheese E so it flows easy you dig. ) 

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