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September 17, 2010

On Wednesday, Easy A star Emma Stone took over the Funny or Die Twitter account and answered your questions. Needless to say, there were some highlights. Now enjoy those highlights, and after you're done enjoying them go see Easy A which opens this weekend!

@LisztNut: Did you play your own bass in The Rocker?

Emma: I did indeed. I'm available for parties.

@esullymaz: Emma, First of all, I love you. Second, Who is your favorite comedian?

Emma: Gilda Radner. And standup Louis CK.

@bluntman42: How was the VMAs??

Emma: It sucked. But did you like my meat dress?

@xxzombielover: How were you in high school (nerdy, popular, goth)?

Emma: I was an incredibly popular nerdy goth. That was home schooled.

@DanWilkinson: Hey Emma! Ok, so what is your favourite memory from the set of a movie?

Emma: Bill Murray days on Zombieland. The "two days of Bill" as I call them.

@rillawafers: is Easy A just like the Scarlet Letter?

Emma: Exactly like it. You could read the book instead if you wanted to.

@knot2appetizing: would you be up for a Superbad sequel

Emma: Absolutely, did you write one?