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November 17, 2010

Infinite Thumb

We can't afford the overtime.

Conjoined Twins Thumb

Sorry kid, but if we ever add a " Creepy Status" thumb we'll give you a call

Meh Thumb

We weren't too impressed with your audition

Left Handed Thumb

The RIGHT man is always keepin' you down

Hungover Thumb

For god's sake man clean yourself up, shave, and put on your makeup straight then come back and see us.

They're Grrreat! Thumb

Your inability to come up with a singular catch phrase cost you the job.

Roger Ebert Thumb

We do not need a 10 minute explanation every time you "Like" someone's status.

Hot Dog Thumb

Go wait on the caterers table. someone will "be" with you shortly.

Homeless Thumb

Flip this quarter with your thumb:
Heads- you dont get the job
Tails- you can keep the quarter

Black Power Thumb

You can't get the job if you refuse to stick out your thumb.