a few reasons why i don't own a gun.
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if your reading this am dead.
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Published February 04, 2012

Getting to know how bad i have made my life suck.

#25 Am a fat ass and hate my self for it so i eat more and more each passing day would be a good reason i don't own a gun.

#24 am ugly as sin. (An if had of done shot myself after seeing my own reflection.)

#23 i have a little dick.

#22 Not getting and stank. (so that is really badly pissing me the f*ck off because you can only beat off so much before it gets way way way to f*ckin old and yep am to old for this sh*t.)

#21 No Job (Yeah thats right am f*cking broke as a joke with a little dick on top of being fat and ungly. GOOD TIMES!)

#20 all my friends are dead. (4 of them killed there self. So really that is just about the only thing keeping me alive is the fact of how much that pissy me off!)

#19 All this made for teen movies out there this days. (f*ck them kids i want to see some cool shit.)

#18 Rich people

#17 my own brother (but lets not get into all that f*cked up Sh*t.)

#16 My brothers baby mama (once more lets not get into that.)

#15 i live with my god da*n parents at 26 years old. (An they wish even more than i do that i get the f*ck out right now.)  

#14 Am a drunk. (like that is such a big serpries.)

#13 Bossy People. (Don't you tell me what to do you baster.)

#12 Music sucks now days not just pop music. (an i play my da*n ass and hart out and no one give two sh*ts what so ever.)

#11 Getting riped off in every day in every kind of way.

#10 People that think and tell me that am a low life worthless dumbass loser. (even if it is a fact it still pisses me the hell off big time.)  

#9 the goverment

#8 All you hartless pricks out there.

#7 The Laws in the USA. (Yeah right i can get a gun any time anywhere of any kind. thanks hicks)

#6 Can never sleep at night so way not go to sleep forever.

#5 Restaurants never having anything good for a vegan to eat. (that way i make all my own meals.)

#4 Religulous hate (come on people it's 2012 grow the f*ck up and see that fact that where all in this thing together forever.)

#3 Am balding and fast and in can't stand it.

#2 For the times i don't have my herbs.  

#1 Other people trying to push there BS on me makes me want to snap the hell out.

(These are just a few reason i don't ever need a gun around me.)



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