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Some of my favorite old sayings.
Published February 22, 2013 More Info »
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Additional Credits:
The letters F and U

Do her in butt.

Let her wide tonight good buddy !

Hey if you can't beat her eat her.

A 6 pack a day keeps the wife away.

Yo if it smells like trout eat it out bro !

Life isn't fair an no one cares.

Slut up and play balls.

Surround yourself with good people to f*ck over.

Look dude if it smells like cologne leave it alone.

2 in the pink one in the stink. ( aka The Shocker ) or 2 in the pink an 2 in the stink ( aka the Spocker ! )

Some times you just have to double fist a b*tch.

Women you can't leave with them but you can't suck your d*ck.

Crime doesn't pay by the hour.

Always consider the source because the force is strong in source.

Sh*t when smoking pot.

Love stinks like pink. Side-note: Love also stinks like sh*t if your into the butt play.

Some times you feel your nuts and some times you bust.

Check it if there bleeding there not breeding 

Cum on Down !

Look out for the wiggler ! or helicopter, helicopter, helicopter ! ( am swing my dick here ladies )

Stay thirsty my friends.

Cream dreams always cum wet.

An that's what she said, she said ! Hiyo !

i live in a van down by river !

Drugs are badass !

you can never have enough orgasms.

A it's ain't over till your dead.

Do unto others as if they where your brother dude.

You can't save some from there self but you can help them stay high.

Think before you wink

Freaks get a leash. 

Yeah it's like pee in the b-hole that give you moles. 

There's no pleasing some people because there abstinent.

Succubus b*tches get stitches.

Get over yourself before i make you boo.

Stop thinking with your other head and stick it in already ! ( SHE SAiD ! SHE SAiD ! )

die trying or die not trying i don't care. ( Because it doesn't matter when your death call you #. Because where already dead.)

Every women needs a good pipe layer.

keep your eyes on the thighs.

Pull out or pull the trigger.

A wing man never shows his hand.

A if there is a ring on it put your dong in it.

Yo if they have cats eyes there high a. That also goes for red eyes. 

bums have fun.

rum leads to cum every time son !

You taker sleazy and if she is sleazy you take her twice.