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Published: October 12, 2010

10) Flying Bottles and When to Duck         @Cranie

9) How Puberty Will Cost Me Millions!     @Goofy1148

8Life behind a lesbo haircut    @derrickgott007

7)  Please God Don't Let My Balls Drop  @MRJTRKNG

6) For Crist's Sake it's Beiber..Not Beaver  @rapt0r94

5) How i stole millions of dollars from the parents of pre pubescent children  @Cre8tve

4)Call Me Puppy Balls"                  @StevenBayShore

3) I'm Basically Macaulay Culkin with a Singing Career. And Look Where He Is Now  @JLThorpe

2) God please don't let my voice change.  @pokergamer9

1) Nobody Over 12 Likes Me  @StevenBayShore