Not such grate ideas for Mothers Day
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Published May 07, 2011


be a good son by hiting up church with your mom zzz before taking her out to a chip n dale strip club. (awkward!)

get all baked with her then take her out clubin! (& get wild as hell!)

get all your Dads & all your bothers and sisters together to go in with you & buy her one gift of somthing she allready has or does not want. :(

dont call or show up at all for mothers day even when you still live with her.

Take her dilldoo shoping.

have a naked lady jump out of her mothers day cake. (at least your dad would like to see that)

talk her into heading down to Mexico for a face lift for Mothers day on you.

Sell her a bag weed half off.

show up drunk at the house and tell her about how she was never there for you.

Burn her mothers day diner using her pots & pans.

take her Brawl shoping because thats not weird or anything.

Bring home your slut of a GF/ piece of shit of a BF for her to meet.

Tell her you got a new job and your moving out when your not.

A bottle of wiskey seems like a good idea.

come over to visit dirty as hell and fall a sleep on her couch.

Bring the kids over to tare up the house & ask for money.

Take her to the Mall and make her buy you somthing nice.

Fist fight with your brother all day long. (and its even better when your both in you late 20s)

just sind her a sh*tty e-card allready to get this sh*t over with.

take your mommy out to see Fast and furious 5.

Just leave a message on her answering machine; it seem good enough to me.

get her all setup and packed up for a life long stay and the nursing home.