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Am down
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Published March 27, 2011

if your into that

1. we could jam out a little and get baked and watch adult swim cartoons brozskie?

2. we can go to the rich part of town for there community yard sale.

3. you down for some publice sex tonight honny we can start it off in a cab on the ride over to that nice restaurant i want to take you so i can take you in the ladies room and we can walk home and bang in the cemetery for a night cap.

4. Sports Bar Beers and deep fried food!

5. Lets hit the strip Clubs up tonight SON!

6. since where broke way don't we go to the cougar bar and let the Momma bears take care of us all night A?

7. am going to gost ride the wipe and you teen wolf this shit man go!

8.  I know a place where we can get chinese food, a massage & a happy ending for under 100 bucs if your down?

9. Hookers on me to night what dah say old champ!?

10.  VAGES BABY!!!!

11. Lets cash are retirement checks and hit the slots.

12. Let get boozed, screwed, Burised, and tatooed

13. anyone down for a  Key Party!?


15.  you know Tyer Durden?