With the Oxford Dictionary's recent decision to add the word "twerk" to its listings, it would seem twerking is indeed here to stay. So if you're one of the few people still pleading ignorance, let these GIFs help you understand what to do when someone shouts at you, "Twerk it, girl!"

It's pretty simple.

Although it takes practice.

Lots of practice.

Pro tip: Make it pop!

Remember, there's no need to be trashy.

It's about exploring your body.

And other people's bodies.

Don't let anyone interrupt your daily twerkouts.

Sure, there's bad twerking.

But there's also great twerking.

Because everyone is allowed to twerk.



Even people who probably shouldn't.

And don't be shocked!

You WILL see things you didn't want to see.

Twerking has been around for quite some time.

You just weren't paying attention.

So get out there and have fun.

Soon enough, you'll be twerking like the pros.



Just never do this!