These TV shows and their ad campaigns were rightfully rejected.

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September 18, 2011

Seinfeld On Crack

You said It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia was like Seinfeld on crack, so what will you say about Seinfeld On Crack?  From executive producer Morgan Spurlock, Seinfeld On Crack features legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld holing up in a dirty crack den to do obscene amounts of crack and perform stand-up comedy for 30 days.  While Seinfeld develops a crippling addiction to blow, you'll develop a mind blowing addiction to Seinfeld On Crack.

The Documentary

You’ve seen the documentary The Office, now see the documentary about the documentary crew that documents The Office.  As Jim and Pam exchange lustful glances from across the office, so do cameraman Rick and possible transgender boom mike holder Tony.  As Dwight and Angela have secret sex in the workplace, the director Greg and his assistant Sharon awkwardly sit outside recording every sound.  

The Documentary will answer many questions, like will Michael Scott leaving Dunder Mifflin effect the film crew? Will Phil get the big promotion to key grip? Does craft services have Dr Pepper, Mr Pibb, or Dr Perky soda?  Why has there been 8 seasons of a documentary about a failing paper company?

Charlie Sheen's Rock Of Coke: Hotel Room

This Fall on VH1, Charlie Sheen and 15 crack-addicted women will stay in one dirty hotel room and see who lasts the longest.  The winner gets to run around the lobby high on cocaine, screaming obscenities while the losers are locked in closets and forced to pay for room damage.  How do they win, you ask? Technically they're all "winning!" but the person who consumes the most gallons of liquor, the most pounds of blow, and trashes the most furniture takes home the title of “Obscure VH1 reality show winner.”

    If you enjoyed The Last Big Bender, Two and a Half Kilos of Blow or Coke Boss then this is the show for you.  Don’t miss episode three, where Rock of Love’s Bret Michaels brings his bus full of drugs and loose women to the hotel to trash the place and perform a concert. Tuesdays at 9PM, while they’re alive.

Savage Killings

In this buddy cop series, former child star brothers Fred and Ben Savage band together to solve violent murders.  The twist comes in the season finale, where we find out that one of the Savage brothers is the savage killer when he murders anyone who asks him "Were you that kid in that old show?"  Only on USA.  Characters Welcome. 

America's Last Biggest Loser Comic Standing's Got Talent To Be On The Marriage Ref

With hosts Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld the only thing selling out is our tickets!  We know what you’re asking: “What’s the Deal with this show? Who are these people?” Well, they’re 25 overweight comedians who will lose weight and show off their talents for a chance to be on The Marriage Ref.  Every night at 10pm, that’s right, The Chin is back at Ten.

The Documentary's Documentary

First there was the documentary The Office, then there was the documentary about the documentary of The Office, The Documentary.  Now comes the documentary about the documentary crew that documented The Documentary (who documented the documentary crew of The Office, who documented The Office).  It's sounds confusing but it all makes sense when you see Steve filming Ned filming Rick and Tony filming Michael Scott. 

Tune in as crew workers begin to question their existence when they discover a writer's room.  Is everything they've filmed a complete sham? Was The Office a scripted comedy program and not a documentary?  Was The Documentary scripted too?  Are they really living their lives or are they in limbo?  Was everything on The Island real? 

Outsourced Call with Carson Daly

The two shows that you never watched have been condensed into one colorful block of comedy, weeknights at 4:15 AM on NBC.  Host Carson Daly has been outsourced to a call center in India to take your calls.  Whether you want to discuss the top 40 pop music hits or the ingredients of Penrose Pickled Sausages, Carson and his sidekick Paul Reiser have the answer. 

Hooters Air

Hooters Air combines the airplanes of Pan Am with the scantily clad women of The Playboy Club and Bucky Larson from Bucky Larson.  Whitney Cummings, fresh off Whitney's cancellation*, stars as the quirky flight attendant/Hooters waitress in a long term relationship with the pilot/pornstar, Nick Swardson's Bucky Larson.  Hilarious stereotypical gender issues occur.