A lot can happen in six seconds. The Pony Express…on ice! That mental image lasted approximately six seconds, and you’re welcome. Vine, a recent Twitter acquisition, is an iOS app that lets you take six seconds of video, starting and stopping at will, then post for the world to judge. It’s like a Gif with sound, or a stop-motion animation to begin your retelling of The Fantastic Mr. Fox. The service has only been around since the end of January, but already has caught fire with a small, dedicated handful of comedians. Here are the best comedians using Vine thus far. Sure, they might be the ONLY ones, but that's not to say they don't belong on this DEFINITIVE LIST—which will be updated as more comics get the hang of it.

Kurt Braunohler


Braunohler's comedy makes the world seem just a little more absurd—one of his favorite activities is to go to CVS and buy greeting cards, write alternative messages in them, and then return said cards for future generations to laugh at. His Vine feed thus far is pretty experimental, and shows promise as a means for him to tell little odd stories in a condensed format.


Steve Agee


The agile Agee has found plenty of ways to wrap Vine around his everyday life, documenting run-ins with giant disembodied hands and lightning-fast interviews with Brody Stevens. Here's that, and a veritable one-man magic show from last night:


Ted Travelstead


Travelstead's first Vine post has everything: heart, torment, groins, groins, groins, etc. And for the love of God, please follow @trumpetcake on Twitter. He makes with the funny.




If you enjoy consistently hilarious yet unknown people on Twitter, then feast your eye-nubs on this very funny (copyright TBS) feed by the mysterious Lanyard Twerk, who has been futzing around on Vine with her cat and her appendages.


TJ Miller


TJ Miller has a brain that works in mysterious ways, crafting jokes that are surreal and absurd, and sometimes just unabashedly silly. His Vine account is equally cryptic, including this gem that I still don't truly understand. Keep your eye on the hand around the skull.


Joe Randazzo


The former editor of The Onion/current editor of Thing X visited the Super Bowl a few days ago, and sent a few gems back from the front lines.


Reggie Watts


Reggie Watts makes musical magic with simple patterns and looping, and his Vine account has all the components of a set in the making: a visual cacophony of images. Here's one from his own account, which is just the kind of thing Watts might use for a piece someday.


Felicia Day


Day has always been an early adopter of new technology, so now we can revel in her odd flying-shark discoveries in real time (for six seconds).


Jake Fogelnest


C'mon: You're on Vine to look at cute cat pictures. Admit it. Prolific Internetter Jake Fogelnest knows, and he's not fucking around:


Joe Mande


Okay, to be fair, Mande has only posted one Vine so far, and it's just a bunch of shots of basketball games he was watching. But he's one of the best people to follow on Twitter—no inane celebrity is safe from his sneakily sarcastic retweets—so stick around and he'll likely post a whole lot more.