On your way to eternal damnation here are some can't miss activities that will ensure you a most enjoyable stay.

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by Micah Parnell

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1. Tell your Grandfather he was right about you after all.

2. Debate the existence of God with an atheist in Hell!

3. Ask Sarah Palin if she can still see Russia

4. Play leapfrog with Satan

5. Try to outrun O.J. Simpson in a footrace.


6. Visit the Presidential section and meet every president EVER!

7. Try to see how many Commandments you can break in the 10 Commandment 10 Minute Challenge.

8.  Feel free to run with scissors.

9. Challenge Michael Jackson to a Dance-off.

10. Try to beat Kim Jung Il's course record at Brimstone Greens, Hell's premium golf course.