Some politicians like to give their opinion on any subject, whether it is required or not. Annoying isn’t it? Well here are some videos of politicians completely out of their comfort zone, attempting to play sports. Sit back, watch and enjoy as it all goes horribly wrong and they make complete fools of themselves! Some may call it humour; some may call it karma!

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April 19, 2012

Blair Bumbles

Check this hilarious video out of Tony Blair missing a penalty. What makes it really funny is that it is taken against school children. Certainly not ‘unbelievable tekkers!’

Did you know that while studying at St John's College, Oxford, Tony Blair was a member of rock band Ugly Rumours?

Boris takes out German

Being the internationally known footballer that he is, London Major, Boris Johnson was asked to represent England in a charity football match. Johnson came on a sub in the 85th minute of England v Germany and rugby tackles former German International Murizio Gaudino.

Did you know Boris Johnson appeared in a episode of Eastenders with Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) in October 2009?

Ping, Pong, Politician

Gordon Brown goes to visit new 2012 Olympic facilities and ends up having a game of table tennis. If there was ever a prime example of a politician out of their comfort zone, this is it! Watch this ‘cringtastic’ video if you can bear it!

Did you know that Gordon Brown was depicted in an episode of South Park during season 13?

Bush's Basketball Dreams Dashed

During a 2008 visit to Belfast, Northern Ireland, then American President, George W Bush, went to view a school basketball practice session and just couldn't resist having a go. Honestly, this guy never learnt did he!

Did you know that Bush was head cheerleader in his senior year of college?

Campbell in Soccer Six Scuffle

Whilst playing in a six-a-side celebrity football tournament Tom Parker from The Wanted and former spin doctor Alastair Campbell squared up to each other. Campbell later blamed the altercation on his sons standing up for him and said it was ‘nothing’. It wasn’t nothing mate, I was plain embarrassing, that’s what it was. The day ended particularly badly for singer Parker, as he was eventually stretched from the pitch with a broken leg. Not from a Campbell tackle I might add!

Did you know that Alastair Campbell set a time of 1 minute 47 seconds around the Top Gear racetrack as their star in a reasonably priced car?

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