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Ever wonder just what Paul Ryan listened to during his Time Magazine photo shoot? Or before the debates tonight?
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Published October 12, 2012

1.Salt and peper push it 2. montel jordan this is how we do it 3. I would do any thing for love meatloaf 4. do it and doin it – ll cool j 5. Just the Two of Us- will smith 6. straight up now tell me- paul abdul 7. nasty boy- janet jackson 8. what have you done for me lately- janet jackson 9. Fancy- reba 10. standing outside the fire- garth brooks

  11. warm it up- Kris Kros 12. ignition- rkelly 13. All Night Long - Lionel Richie 14. cyndi lauper true colors 15. sexy and I know it- lmfao 16. bad- michael jackson 17. living on a prayer- journey 18. pour some sugar on me-Def Leppard