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Published March 23, 2011

Q&A with Jake Stetar i ask and answer myself

Q : who would you do first Meg Ryan 53 year old or Jack Nicholson 77 years old ? ( An you can't pick both at the same time ) 
A: This is hard one };-O big old butts am cumming with Meg Ryan because am all about them cougars. 

Q : Gay , Straight , or Bi
A: Well i can't help it am Straight but it's a genetic thing and i don't have a choose so to hate on me because am straight it's just science. 

Q : Weed , beer , drugs , or straight edge ?
A:  Not big on the drugs , but am not straight edge because i need to take off the edge so i drink and smoke weed but i had to pick one it's gots to be the herb because the weed doesn't kill but alcoholic drinks do kill so it is the weed for me if you put my feet to the fire and just so you know weed is not a drug it's and herb. 

Q : Tits or Ass 
A: Pure looks am going tits butt i like a big old phat ass in the sack you dig. 

Favorite Sport ?
M.L.B. Baseball and my favorite sports team is the Pittsburgh Pirates and has been my whole life. 
( Even after 20 years off under 500% for 20 of my 29 years in life am a Buco fan 4-Life )

Q: Favorite Movie and not porn ?
A: That is tough one because their are so meany good ones and so meany good ones being made all the time but am going with one of my teenage years favorite Almost Heroes just because that was the best Chris Farley movie.  #DoNotDoSpeedBalls

Favorite T.V. show that is on the air now a days ?
( Since a lot of these shows that are on the air are my brain children this is harder than my d*ck inside Meg Ryan but am going to say 

Q: Favorite Cartoon of all times ! 
A: Easy one Storker and Hoop. 

Top 5 Women am in love with

This is a top 5 list of women in Hollywood that i would marry in a heart beat and keep them around forever ! 

#5. Kristen Dunst - Because we can play music together because she is a good singer + she look like a GF i once had in the face.  So f it she makes this list at #10 because i do love you Kristen Dunst my sweet lady of pure class. + where around the same age. 

#4.  Barbie Blank - Well where around the same age and i do love me some pro wrestling Divas and well Barbie Blank aka Kelly Kelly is on the top of that list because she is A1 sauce and then some my friends a true dream woman for f in sure ! 

#3.  Ronda Rousey - What can say i enjoy being smacked around. O ! 

#2.  Lucy Liu - Been waxing off to Lucy Liu for 16 years so yeah she makes the list and in my mind she just get hotter with age because you know how i love me some cougar action in my life. #SugarMamma + Lucy Liu is just flat out cool ! 

#1.  Stacey Dash  - She might be 48 years old but she is like a very fine wine because she just gets better with age and i wants me a taste of her juiciness because you know she has gots to have the juiciest pussy of all times ! #GetWet #Squirt