A look back on some of the most non-politically correct examples of commercialism this year.

Screw Tibet, I'm hungary!


Leave it to the superbowl to deliver us what is by far, our nation's most offensive commercial of the year. While we invade countless third world nations, Groupon takes a second to rub in just how self-centered and spoiled we can all really be. The 30 second ad begins showing death, decay and destruction in Tibet while chronicling their immense struggle. Only to end in an American having a plate put before him and smiling up at the camera to say, "BUT THEIR FOOD SURE IS GREAT!" In what is obviously the biggest F you to a nation in commercial history, Groupon promises to be the website to pick over yelp! by going out of their way to not only insult an entire cultural lineage but also to support unsavory stereotypes about their own. The only possible bright side of this campaign is that two for one IS a pretty good deal...

To sexy for the senate, to gangsta for rights!


Ladd Ehlinger, Jr., the conservative filmmaker responsible for this sexist AND racist beauty, produced the ad for his political group, Turn Right USA. Portraying female congressional candidate, Janice Hahn as a stripper and featuring two black men holding guns while repeatedly screaming "Give me your cash, bitch so we can shoot up the street!", Ehlinger claimed his aim was to offend people, and boy did he succeed! Mrs. Hahn fought to fund a clever anti-gang violence group in which ex-gang bangers who are now in jail, are allowed temporary release to talk about the cons of gang life with LA area youth. I think broadcasting an incredibly insensitive commercial is great revenge for working to end gang violence. By belittling her personally and publicly, you certainly made her competing candidate look like an idiot. If both African Americans and women have been horrifically offended by someone supporting your campaign, assuming LA isn't strictly a land of white bigots,  I'd say a pretty big percentage of voters have been handed over.  



Going Green is for Tools


GM's new ad campaign succeeds in offending the very planet we live on while mocking college aged cyclists. They even imply that if a cute girl sees you on a bike, 'you're stuck with your  hand again tonight bro!'. In an age where our dependence on crude oil has lead to many of the world's most debilitating problems, this ad is both socially irresponsible and just plain stupid. The campaign's slogan "Stop pedaling. Start driving.", is literally the exact opposite of the advice and guidance of our top scientists as well as our top environmental specialists. At least GM's superbly sexist ads in the 1950s just offended women and not the entire planet. They've come a long way, unfortunately it was just in the wrong direction.

"Christmas quality at Hanukkah prices!"


The vodka brand, Wodka, was recently forced to remove their billboards from New York that  promised, "Christmas quality at Hanukkah prices!" ( I didn't even have to write a title for this one), after outcry by the Anti-Defamation League.  Next to the slogan were two dogs, one with a Santa hat and one with a Yamaka.  Not only is this ridiculously offensive to Jewish people, but it's offensive to dogs as well. Why should they be made to look as stupid as people who thoughtlessly sling hurtful stereotypes? Don't they think humans have imposed enough harm and degradation to their fellow species for the year, WITHOUT involving them in offensive holiday ads? Oh well, it's a German company, what can you expect? See Wodka?! I can sling thoughtless stereotypes too.

Dang Uncivilized Afros!


A Nivea ad promoting their African American men's hair care line,  went the racist route when they depicted a clean-cut, freshly shaved African American man throwing a head adorned with an afro and small beard away with the caption "Re-civilize yourself!" After implying that natural African American hair has an "uncivilized" look to it, the resulting outrage caused a nationwide recall but the damage was already done. I can't help but imagine the pitches that this ad was chosen over. Perhaps a picture of a white master whipping his African slave above the caption "Buy my product or get back in the bush!"? Either way, great job not only alienating but deeply offending your entire customer base Nivea! I mean this is just a suggestion but next time, maybe don't hire the marketing team lead by a man with a pointy white sheet on his head.