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25 chicks that i would make a sex tape with. So get out the boner pills and whiskey because it's time to hit that G spot you all.
Published April 25, 2013 More Info »

Top 25 starts now.

#25. Casey Anthony  ( Look your broke am broke where about the same age and where both killer in sack so tie me up and ride the big one baby beacause daddy like e long time.) #NoOneButMe

24. A.J Lee ( Because nerdy sex is where it's at baby! An you know this player! ) #LayingTheSmackDownOnDatAssBiTCH 

23. Amanda Bynes ( She can sh*t on me anytime of pee or puke or bleed her her own blood because am down for what ever sweetness #LetsGetAllTheWayWierd.) 

22.  Kaite Couric ( That Cougar Milf needs some good dick a. O yah baby i would work dat ass over like a champ honey. So CUM on down!) #SchoolMe

21.  Emma Wastson (  Because of that little Tight Snatch of hers has to be #1 you know bromosexuals. + she seems like she needs laid bad because she comes off to my anyways to be a real f*cking B*tch and half yoloers.) #itsGoingToGetDirty 

20. Hayden Panettiere ( Because she does have a pretty mouth hehe.) #uKnowWhatzAmTakinAbout 

19. Carmen Electra ( Because drunk sex is sweet like candy my man. note to self double bag it bud. #CougarPower ) 

18. Denise Richards ( Because i have a feeling she is down for some b hole play you dig. FREAK OUT ! #AmGame ) #GetYourGrooveBackBoo

17. Amy Schumer ( Just because it would be funny.) #BetterThenRubbingOneOut

16. Kristen Stewart ( Only so i could smack that stupid bitchy look off of her face with my dick bitch ! An den we make the sweetest of love together because am a man! ) #F*CKiT 

15. Selena Gomez ( Because i want to slam dance that young b*tch in the sack all night and day long like you don't even know bros ! not even! ) #DontWeAll

14. Jamie Lynn Sigler ( O sweet lord that woman is a goddess for sure man. ) #DreamsCumTure 

13.  Hillary Clinton ( Only because she owes Bill one. So am down. )  #OnlyOnce #TwiceiFSheisEasy 

12. Rachael Ray ( i just want to slap that fat ass and ride the waves untill dinner time.) #SufsUpBro 

11. Ellen Degeneres ( i just want to show her that she is really Bi sexual not a lesbian ok.)  #JokesOnMe 


Bust out the Whiskey and get my boner pills because it's going to be a long hard night.

10.  Jodie Arias ( Just once before she gets put to sleep. That will be her death penalty f*cked to death by me.) #KillerinTheSac 

9. Torrie Wilson ( Because i want to show that sexy lady how a real man f*cks because when your as broke as i am you gots to be the best at sex sweetness. Hell i'll even make love to her because i like her so much.) #ThereRealifiTouchThem #SoTits 

8. Sarah Michelle Gellar ( What can i say i was a big Buffy fan back in the day dogs. "i know who you did last summer." you get it?) #JustMySize 

7. Fran Drescher ( Because she knows a thing or two about sucking };-O + she is a fighter so that makes me like E a lots!) #DressMeUp

6. Fiona Loewi ( Because she is so f in sexy it's creepy and well that really turns up the freak meter in me and then some babe.) Fiona! #GivesMeTheChills 

5. Sara Gilbert ( Becuase i always wanted to be someones first dick they ever had inside them. That and the fact doing a ugly lesbian chick would make me feel like a real man for once in my sad little life.) #TryNewThings #Bi

4. Barbie Blank ( Because a super hot chick + fat dude getting it on in a porn video is just classic. it's like a flash back to the 70's) #BiGPimpin

3. Beth Phoenix ( Well i really do enjoy being smack around don't you know.) #RuffRiders 

2. Vickie Guerrero ( The Nasty looking ones are always the most nasty in sack my friends.) #iCouldF*ckAnyThingRightAboutNow 

1.  Danica Patrick ( Because i love it when a lady goes hard and fast a.) #GoGo