I won't sugar coat the fact that I spent one very lonely summer locked in my bedroom, pouring over the 'Twilight' books. It was a great time. And when the movies came out, I watched the shit out of those too. But some fans, some Twi-hard fans, take their obsession to the streets. And now that BREAKING DAWN - the final film installment - is coming out, it's only fair that the crazed fans and their "art" does too.

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This is fun!!!

Next time I'm in an Ikea, I'm gonna request this wallpaper.

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She can go fuck herself. For real.

Nothing is perfect.

Except for Edward Cullen and this exceptionally hugable, kissable, fuckable, pillow-man version of him.

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Don't you just hate when you open up your egg sandwich and discover that...

a) This isn't an egg sandwich at all, it's Bella Swan's WOMB
b) It's entirely made of felt, including the little fetus, and
c) They totally forgot the bacon!

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The Perfect Bat Mitzvah Gift!


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Sucks to be these chicks :/

Oh, yeah, fur shure Mr. Pattinson will be calling one of you hoes back to his crib!

Looking at you, Taylor (aka #1 fan).

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Baby's First Tramp Stamp!

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

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The Fuck is THIS???

I wanna cuddle with this woman on her weird bed and read Twilight aloud together.

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OMG is that a still from the movie?!?

No, no, it's not a REAL pic. You see, this is what the tweens call a "photo manip." In which they take, say, R. Patz's face, and photoshop it onto, say, a super hot male model's body. Because, you know, he's a skinny bitch in real life.

Just think... The person who created this most certainly masturbated afterward.

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This is EXACTLY what my back looks like.

Except without all the tattoos and shame and stuff.

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