am late! (a list of things i find cool.)
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Getting my freak on to some Lords of Acid is always cool. (Hit Me Up!)

Easy chicks. There not slut bags just yet and they are still STD free for now anyways is what  am down for right  there and yes that is cool to me. 

Cougar MilLF's but i will still spit in face with slong if there into that kind of thing. 

Ad money because of the fact a lot of unempoyed  talentless losers are making money off stupid videos and sh*t like this. (me not being one of them. But mybe one day.) 

Boner pills. She will never know your not the only one getting cheating on in the relationship  because you can always get it up and on. Now thats cool if you a worth piece of sh*t with no hart or soul. (like some people i know.)

Herb because it's good fo the mind body and soul. Now thats cool. 

Drunk chicks Because there always trying to get naked and need some where to crash. 

The Kamasuta 

Vampier town beacause want to be vamps are just funny + there the only people up when am up. 

Your Mother. "Just ask her and she will tell you." 

Adult Swim Shows "if only there where more of them because watching King of Hill and Family Guys and American Dad re-runs is not cool at all. Save that sh*t for the local channels because that all they got besides The Simpsons, Seinfeld, 2 and a Half Men and my Name is Earl re-runs to show. 



Myspace because it's still a hell of a lot cooler than facebook, twitter, google + and all that other crap. look me up on there am under shackajefferstreet and TheToylets. 

Robots that do the work for you are cool as long as there not uprishing or anything like that. 

internet porn because am not going to pay to jackoff in a booth or pay at all to jag it +my   imagination is't all that grate win it cums to that stuff.F*ck buddies because who really  needs the more responsibility.

video games and beer are cool because they go together like dicks and lips in that they are fun to play with. 

Fast cars and fast women and fast food. (only if the food is vegan and am doing them things all at the same time.)

VHS tapes are cool because i can record new porno over my old porn.

Bro out night ("Hey even if i can't remember a lot of them nights i need my time with the boyz to get sh*t off my chest you feel me".)

"i know what your thinking an it's that this sh*t isn't one bit cool and that also goes for me. but there ain't sh*t i can do about all that now is there a champ?" 


Much Love 

Da Bullfrog.