The only really noticeable effects of climate change.
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Published: January 07, 2012

1. Lack of Snow

Okay, so, it is Britain, and yes, there is a long history of abnormal irregular weather, but no snow? Either God hates us, or those goddamn greenhouse gases are eating all the snow.snow.jpg

2. We tan easier

In the incredible mid-September heat (again, Britain's unreliable weather) we were all flashing our flesh trying to tan. And those that couldn't, sprayed themselves with tango. Essex finally looked remotely normal.


3. There's more on documentary channels, other than Meerkat Manor

I can't help but feel sorry for the meerkats. They're now out of business (then again, they're probably all dead now. The same episode has been being played for the last ... six years?) as all the climate change documentaries have come out, blocking up the channel guides. 


4. Discouraged driving

Petrol prices are rising, and we're now being discouraged to drive. However, car prices are dropping - how does this work?