Sure, crappy C-list celebrities get their own reality shows. But how come Secretary of the Interior Earl Butz doesn't? We give men who served their presidents questionably their own show.

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October 25, 2012

Tim Geithner's Famiy Bailout

Tim kept banks and Wall Street firms from going under, but can he save a dysfunctional family?   Teen pregnancies!  Alcoholic fathers!  Sibling rivalry!  Toxic loans?  How about toxic mothers!  Bail this family out, Tim!

A. Mitchell Palmer’s Small-Town Law

As Attorney General in the roaring ‘20s, A. Mitchell Palmer trampled on the constitution with red-baiting and his infamous Palmer raids.  Now, he’s back as a small-town country lawyer.  Sure, he could deal those unionizing factory worker Bolsheviks a blow... but how’s he gonna handle Aunt Betty’s living will?  Or that fight between the Johnsons and and the McClearys over grazing rights?  Let’s find out!

Robert McNamara’s Can I Cook For 10?

As Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara blundered by increasing U.S. presence in the Vietnam War.  This time, ol’ Bob’s blundering again... in the kitchen!   Khe San and the Tet Offensive are a piece of cake compared to the one Bob has to bake for his 10 guests every week.  The fog of war turns into the fog of how to do a 3-course place setting.  Lasagna for 10, anyone?  Bring your laughs.  And your fire extinguisher!

John Mitchell’s Celebrity Intervention

You know him from Watergate and the Pentagon Papers.  Now, he’s helping celebrities with their addictions!   Sure, John Mitchell could approve unconstitutional wiretaps and plan an illegal burglary that brought down a president... but can he help Lindsay Lohan with her cocaine problem?  

Donald Rumsfield’s Estate Sale Search

Donald Rumsfield sent us to Iraq based on faulty information, then failed to commit an adequate number of troops.  Now, he’s looking for that perfect armoire.   Each week, from a secure and undisclosed location, Rumsfield searches dead peoples’ estate sales... in search of treasure!  Let’s see if a man with a heart of stone can find that perfect dining set!