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W.W.E ideas.
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Published January 26, 2013


More Divas action and longer Divas matches would be nice since they have there Totally Divas on E t.v show kicking now.

David Bastia should come back to kick the sh*t out of Dolph Ziggler and Big E and take the tittle back because the smackdown tittle matches with Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio facing ziggy is getting real old and real boring and fast. + i would thing Bastia has a year or two left in him.

The Brood should come back to take out the shield with gangrel as the manager with chris hero, el generico and zack rider turn vamp because of gangrel turning him to the darkside as the newest brood but make them face this time.  No more super friends vs the shield anymore would be nice. Because in the underworld there is no such thing as justice.  ( Look i know it's a old used up idea but  i just the brood and if you have to brake up 3MB to bring in some kind of new brood do it up. or hell even just Kevin Thorn ( to replace edge), Gangrel and Christian as the brood would be even better yo. But keep dreaming right. sidenote "The Brood" now there is a W.W.E movie, about a pack of "vampiers" that are serial killers. A super creepy and scray horror movie. Think a mix between the Saw movies and the Selence of the lambs movies. Based off ture stories like Richard Chase and Peter Kurten and all the other so called vampire serial killers of the past.  a kind of movie that will make you piss your pants.)

R-turth vs Kofi Kingston vs Antoni cesaro vs Wade Barrett 4 way match again but this time both the i.C tittle and the U.S tittle will both be on the line. An if you don't want to give one guy two tittles at the same time just make the shield come out and kick there asses before the match ends.

3MB needs to win every now and then and that also goes for zack rider and the rest of the jobbers on the rosters. And start using them in storylines and sh*t because it's pointless to have them on the roster if there just going to lose every single time and not have any storylines to be in you know man.

2 members of the Shield for tag team champs because team hell no can't stay champs forever and both kane and american dragon need to be back on top of the card as singles wrestlers in my mind anyways.  Or better yet bring back my team The Headbangers to have one last run with the tittles for me.

Stone Cold should fight C.M Punk when he comes back for his last go round.

Buff Bagwell comes to the W.W.E as the funny smartass guy who will rival with the Heels of the W.W.E since he never got a shot in the w.w.e after w.c.w went under since he broke his neck and all. So i say bring back Buff for a year a see what happens and trust me W.W.E his ready to go at a very high level right now. An it's ok to use a old guy W.W.E.

Less BS and more action on the shows would be nice but i know there is a whole lot of time to feel with all the shows and new the yahoo deal that will have the raw and ppv pre-shows and all that good stuff on there.

o it never ends dog.

More Divas in the Storylines would be nice like playing out the Kaitlyn secret admirer thing.  ( spoiler alert am the real admirer of hers.)

A.J Lee for divas champ.

But the tittles on the line more on RAW. An make sure there is at least on 5 star match on each of the shows for use so we can't b*tch as much as we want to be bitching.

Bring back Michael Mccgillicutty and let him use his real name Mike Henning. A man who is super pissed off  and his coming to smackdown. With a giant chip on his shoulder and a huge gorilla on his back and guess what his madder then all hell. "Mad Mike" And his first match back should be on main event where he takes on the gauntlet and wins. Just so he can show the fans his not f*cking around this time at all. An give him a hot chick on his arm in Tamina Snuka who we all know is also very p*ssed off.

After Ryback gets beat by John Cena i think John Cena should takes on Big Show and Randy Orton in a 3 way match for the tittle at a P.P.V in a elimination match.  Even if the Rock does come back for his re-match.

Shamus should rival with Antonio Ceasaro again after he gets done with the Mark Henry one.  or Shamus vs Mad Mike Henning even a?

Bring back Shotgun saturday night aka jakked aka metal to the CW as a t.v 14 show for us adult fans or but it on yahoo and that also goes for sunday night heat.

Mix up the rosters agian. Mybe even do the dart thing again. RAW, Smackdown, NXT thing or what ever because am sick of seeing the same guys all the time doing the same things.

Let Edge set in on commentary live on Raw some time soon in for JBL  and then sets in for josh on Smackdown or JBL again when JBL needs time off to his cliaming for the kids. Also using Edge in your movies again would be cool.

Cool new theme songs for a lot of the divas and superstars would be pimp and then you can cut a new CD and new downloads to sale for them songs you know.

Keep it fun, funny and action packed as always and keep making them movies because they just keep getting better for sure big cats.

Bring back the King of the Ring.

Alex Riley needs a nice big time push because that dudes my boy. An mybe change up his gimick a little to make him more face. No name change but mybe a new look with some new lines and a new theme song couldn't hurt.

Aksana need to play up her sexy even more. };-{()  SO FiNE! ( An put her in the movies.)

i could keep going but it's already to much so peace am out like boner in sweatpants baby!