Author Stieg Larsson died at age fifty, with three novels published posthumously, including the renowned "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". He was working on a fourth novel at the time of his death, and rumor has it several others.

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August 22, 2010

The Girl With the Infected Navel Ring

The Girl Who Was Fairly Unpleasant and Sat in a Corner at Parties

The Girl Who Goosed Bears

The Girl Who Noogied Sharks

The Girl Who Spat in Joe Pesci's Face

The Girl Who Threw Yakuza Assassin's Severed Pinkie Fingers at Them Like They Were Confetti

The Girl Who Drank a Jug of Everclear Straight--God Damn

The Girl Who Snuck Out Through the Warp Zone

The Girl Who Didn't Finish Her Brussel Sprouts and Also There Were Mafia Guys

The Girl with the Bowser Surfing and Playing Guitar Before a Pot Leaf While Saying "Happy Birthday Rick" Tattoo

The Girl Who Was Bad Ass and Went Through Some Bad Shit and Came Out of It Even More Bad Ass... Shows You.

The Girl Who Cold Cocked the Girl with a Pearl Earring