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Words that I like to use
Published April 22, 2011 More Info »
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Published April 22, 2011

Bro-ner ( yeah dude I showed my Bro-ner to that guy I have a bromance with)

Twat (I need to check my twats to see if that twat sent me a message)

Brods (Yeah you see Jhonny boy all them dames over there are Brods I tell you Brods)

Jivturkeys (Man dog you know all white people dance like jivturkeys you jivturkey)

Honkyfide (That Barack Obama is honkyfide as hell son!)

Dangez ( my Dangez hurts from these pants getin so tight)

Erectile ( am off to my erectile dysfunction exercises ladies)

Bodacious ( O Momma setia I love your Bodacious tatas)


#5 Get laid ( it's been years so i needs a GF ) #4. Smoke more Weed ( 420 all day every day ) #3. Get a job again ( even if it's a dead end one again ) #2. Get the hell out of my parents ( Am 28 years old its past time ) #1. Don't Die.