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XXX movie star names that never made it big time yo.
Published July 10, 2012 More Info »

By The Power of Garyskull i HAVE A BONER !

PoGo Paris Colliers ( That is my porn name and yes i been in a few in my day. You see i got the name because my first ever pet was named PoGo and the first street i ever lived on was call Paris Colliers Road.  Aka PoGO P.C. was born to f*ck.) 

Barry Dickinson ( No one wants to see a Dad a f*ck there own son. So no go. ) 

Philip Moore ( He always plays the cop coping a feel before the bust };-) 

Harry Butts ( Back in the 60's old Harry Butts her was in a meany of a Hippie orgy porn flicks. ) 

Jonny Swinger ( This man invented the swinger party back in early 1950's and he even made a few movies about it you dig my swing cats. ) 

Buddy Love ( He was a man who would buddy up with anyone at any time baby ! Because he was swing both ways sucka ! But then the 80's hit and he would die from having each and every single STD that there is in the world. Buddy Love a man who loved to meany.  RiP Bud.) 

Hanky Panky ( He made the very first ever porno movie back in 1869.  So thank you Mr. Hanky Panky your a Golden God.) 

Dick Long ( After the boner pills and dick pumps came out his dick just wasn't long enuff anymore. RiP. Mr. Dick Long. Might the rigor mortis of death keep you hard for eternity. ) 

Speedy Busters ( He didn't last long. iF YOU KNOW WHAT AM SAYiN BOO ! )

Ben Mann ( He was a Man's Man who enjoyed f*cking men. Butt he was hooked on crack in more ways then one. RiP Mr. Ben Mann.) 


B.J Nutting (  O YEAH ! She could suck a d*ck dry so pick her up when your drive by my man.) 

Anita Dickins ( She has 5 holes that need feeling 24\7 , B-hole, mouth hole, p*ssy hole, and ears holes, An it's ok boys because she has no feelings. )

Jayme Cummings ( She likes to smoke weed when getting it on all night long sweetness. Double good feeling you dig. ) 

Wanda Jahblowme ( She is a Satanist Dominatrix my slaves. No safe words here my pets. )

Jackie Handy ( She gives the best hands jobs this side of the mississippi missy. ) 

Tricksee Lee ( This b*tch has all the tricks in her ho bag. An o yeah she knows all the positions. ) 

Bloody Mary ( She would make guys and girls drink her Period Blood on tape. "Good times good times". An that is where the name for the Bloody Mary drink came from kids. The More You Know. "Well at least you know she can't get pregnant if your f*cking her when she is bleeding a." ) 

Carry Pregger  ( She was the first ever Pregnant woman to make sex tapes when pregnant for a living. "Hey pregnant women need loving my man.") 

Amy Brown ( She makes them porno videos where she sh*ts and pees on people to get off. Hey at least it's not blood. Any Brown she is the sh*t ! ) 

Ally Meyers ( She does snuff porno. You know she f*cks dead bodies and what not. You know real killer sh*t man. )