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September 29, 2010

Crucial Fashion Tips

Take advantage of these insider tips for a fashionable fall!


Your skin is one of your most important body coverings.  Don’t sell it.


Use hidden spots like the ankles or lower back for tattoos of divisive figures like Mao, Hugo Chavez and Jim DeMint.


Calico is making a big comeback.  In Wyoming.


Edgy fashion move for today’s urban woman – cellophane.


For a tasty change, switch out your favorite red lipstick for a thick, dried marinara sauce.


Always try out your new looks on your home mannequins before flaunting them on the street.


What do aprons, tank tops and hoodies have in common?  Perfect attire for that winter wedding!


Trendiest colors for this fall’s season – Hot Cabbage, Dry Apathy, Crouching Cottonmouth, Korean Olive, Kindle Gray.


When in a knife fight, try to get sliced only below the neck to avoid a troublesome make-up issues.


Large ear gauge piercings are so 2010!  Stay on the edge by encasing your entire left ear in steel.