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Things i want to do and see before i kick the bucket.
Published March 08, 2011 More Info »


See the Pittsburgh Pirates win a WS in person. 

Buy The right for W.C.W. and then bring back W.C.W. pro wrestling on the Turner Broadcasting channels. 

Win the PCH sweepstakes. 

Bring an N.B.A. team to the City of Pittsburgh. 

Start a Vegan Fast Food joint. 

Weed is not a crime world wide in my life time. 

World Peace with the wars to get there. 

Get a Wife before my life ends. 

Get a Life before my life ends. 

Live in a green home of the grid. 

Get an a green car so i never have to use gas again. 

Grow my own weed 

Grow my own food 

make my own beer 

Vegan food trucks. 

Bring back the Expos to their old Stadium. 

Get a boner lasting over 4 hours for an orgy where am the only dude in it you dig. 

Go see a sporting event a every single stadium and arena in the world. 

Have sex with the only two women out of all my ex girls that i truly loved at the same. 

Kick the shit out the richest person in the world. 

Take down the N.W.O. 

Take a party ride on a U.F.O. and a U.S.O. 

Meet an Ant Person. 

Start another Punk band. 

Have with two gay chicks who want a baby an get them both my babies inside their bodies so they can have two kids , not just one. 

Take a flight around the world just to get drunk and f*ck bitches on the flight just for the hell of it. 

The one W.W.E. named Emma in my bed even if she is on her. 

Play in a major league baseball spring training game. 

Start my own label for music and movies. 

Be a Ghostbuster in the next Ghostbusters movies that has dudes in it as the cast again. 

Becomes a famous actor ! 

Get the hell up out of W.V. and stay out ! 

Win the tag team title with John Cena in a movie and then in real life ! 

Bang out a super hot mail lady. 

Get a star on the walk of fame. 

Eat the best pussy in the world. 


Die busting a nut. 

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