What ever shall i do.

Wright a song that makes me so much money that i can wipe my ass with 20s from all that youtube money i just made.

Get payed for my ldeas instead of giving them away.

Have sex with a black chick, Asian chick and a white chick all at the same time with out a jimmy hat.

Do coke off Lindsey Lohan's tits and ass before bang it out in front of TMZ all night long!.  

Start a pirate radio show on the CB called the Jake Brake.

Become a TNA or ROH Jobber for a day under my ring name Jake "Da Bullfrog" Stetar the half retarded stud of a man.

Be in a xxx movie with a lady thats not in a xxx size women and not get and STD.

i want to join the mile high club by smokin a jay when banging in a air plane bathroom in coach.

To have a drinking competition Christina Aguilera in are home town of Pittsburgh together. Then wright a song with her ass. "i hear she is next Amy Winehouse."

Go to a Pittsbrugh Pirates playoff game. ("Hell if am lucky i will have a chance to for the first time in 20 years.")

Go to a Obama Beer Summit.

Get a job on a movie and not get fired from it from it for once in my life.

Make a stop by the CoCo show on TBS to play one of my "hit" comedy songs or talk about one of my shows.

Also Getting ripped with Conan and set around drinkin beers an jamming out on the  old acoustic guitars is a must do.

Getting it on with a 40 year old virgin that is hot and used to be a nun O lord E me want me some of dat phat ass!.

Seeing the Pittsburgh Pirates win the World Series this year. 

hitting the best weed ever out of the most badass bong ever baby!

Be the only guy at a all girls college party. ( i'll bring the keg ladies so hit me up!) 

Starting up a vegan fast food chain. 

Play one play in a NFL, CFL, AFL or NCCAF football game.

Get  my ass drunk off the darkest of dark beer. 

 kicking the sh*t out off Donald Trump and his son at the same time.

Finding the one shot cure for everything bad.

Go down under then go down under on Nicole Kidman.

Jam with the Rolling Stones for a night.

Have one all out wild an f*cked up Punk Rock show in Woodstock N.Y.

Become boys with the rich. 

find ture enter peace. 

Jump out of a plane into a sports car like 007 

Have sex in the back of cab. ( only if the cab e is a hot chick mind you. Hell mybe we pull over for a little 3 way action };-)

Run onto the field at a Team USA vs Team U.K soccer game butt ass naked drunk and on boner pills. 

Make a hit XXX movie staring myself and all the ladies i can get my hands on. 

become a movie star.

Cut a cool new rock cd with a band with me as the skins. 

Make a video game.

Get a job growing herb. 

So much to do with so little time.

Go to Amsterdam a live like a total wild man.

Get high with Cheech and Chong out of the best bong in the world.

Start and indiependent movie studio/T.V channel called Toylet inc.

Make a cult classic horror movie that is also staring me as hero and the killer. 

Ride Space Mountian on LSD.

Go to a domination dungeon to let the freak out inside me.

Start my own wrestling company the FUPW.

To lick Hillary Clinton's vjj so i can be the male version of Monica Lewinsky. Because i need a book deal or at least some cover up money and bad.

make a zipper that you can't get your thing stuck in.

Find a steady piece of ass that last forever and a day and then some my sweet.

Sleep with 10 mybe even 14 chicks at the same time. "Hell all i need are some boner pills and some wiskey and it's on ladies };{D=

Get Dave Chappelle to make Half Baked 2 The Relapse with me in it as his BFF.

Get a da*n life where am a total rich badass type of a dude doing what i want when i want.

Go get kicked out of every single Coyote Ugly theme bar for life for slaping ass. 

Too smoke weed in space with my helment as the bong.

Win a bar fight. (So yeah i have had my ass kicked a bunch of times in the bars but i have never started up a fight that i could win at.)

Make a sex tape with Kirsten Dunst. (Someone be my wing man so my dream can cum true. Yeah f*ck the rest on this list i just want this to happen. Then i can die a happy man. So Kirsten my lady hit a honkey up because am in love with you babe,)



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